Vickay Oil Paint Markers

Vickay Oil Paint Markers – Set of 6 Fine Tip – Review 2024

Exploring the vibrant world of DIY crafts and projects, I recently had the pleasure of using the Vickay Oil Paint Markers, a set of 6 fine tip markers that promise to bring a burst of color and precision to any creative endeavor. As someone deeply entrenched in the world of art and crafts, both personally and through activities with my kids, I was eager to see how these markers stood up to the test. Here’s my detailed analysis, drawing from my hands-on experience and insights from the kids as well.

Product Overview

The Vickay Oil Paint Markers set includes six markers, each equipped with a fine tip designed for precision work on a variety of surfaces including stone, ceramic, metal, glass, wood, and fabric. This versatility is a key selling point for crafters seeking a reliable tool for a wide range of projects. Here’s what sets these markers apart:

  • Quick Drying: Essential for fast-paced projects and those moments when patience is thin.
  • High Volume Ink: Promises longevity and value for money, reducing the frequency of replacements.
  • Included Fine Tips: These are perfect for detailed work, allowing for precision that broad tips can’t achieve.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a multitude of surfaces, offering creative freedom across projects.

Product Specs

Colour6 Colors
Material TypeCeramic, Acrylic
Number of Items6
Point TypeFine
Line Size1.2 millimeters
Ink ColorBlack, Blue, Gold, Silver, White

My Personal Experience


  • Quick Drying
  • Fine Tips Included
  • Versatility
  • Durability


  • Nib Durability
  • Initial Ink Flow


My experience with these markers has highlighted several key advantages:

  • Quick Drying: The paint dries quickly, minimizing smudging and allowing for faster progress on projects.
  • Fine Tips Included: The inclusion of fine tips facilitates detailed work, making these markers suitable for intricate designs.
  • Versatility: Their ability to work on various surfaces (glass, fabric, metal, etc.) makes them incredibly versatile and useful for a range of projects.
  • Durability: The paint’s durability, especially on unconventional surfaces like dog tags, is remarkable, resisting wear and tear effectively.


Despite their strengths, there are a few areas where the markers could improve:

  • Nib Durability: The nibs wear down relatively quickly with frequent use, which could be a setback for those who rely heavily on fine detailing.
  • Initial Ink Flow: Starting the ink flow can be challenging, which might frustrate users who prefer tools that are ready to use right out of the package.

In-depth Analysis

Diving deeper into the Vickay Oil Paint Markers, it’s essential to understand the balance between their innovative features and the areas that might need some refinement.

The quick-drying aspect is a significant advantage in a bustling creative environment, particularly when working with children. This feature not only speeds up the crafting process but also reduces the risk of smearing, which can be a common frustration in art projects. However, this quick-drying formula might also contribute to the initial difficulty in getting the ink flowing. A workaround could involve storing the markers tip-down before use to ensure the ink is ready to flow when needed.

The fine tips that come with these markers are perfect for detailed artistry, offering precision that is often missing in broader-tipped markers. These fine tips empower artists to tackle intricate designs with confidence. Yet, the durability of these nibs is a concern. Regular use on even slightly abrasive surfaces like paper can lead to wear, suggesting that a harder nib material could be beneficial for future iterations of these markers.

Versatility is another hallmark of the Vickay Oil Paint Markers, with successful application on a wide array of surfaces. This adaptability opens up endless possibilities for creative projects, from customizing personal items like dog tags and USB sticks to decorative crafts on glass and fabric. It’s this versatility that truly sets these markers apart as a valuable tool for both hobbyists and professionals alike.

Despite their many strengths, the initial difficulty in ink flow and the nib durability present notable challenges. The former can be mitigated with proper preparation and handling, while the latter may require the manufacturer’s attention to improve the product’s longevity and user satisfaction.

Notes and Rating

  • Quality 9/10: The Vickay paint pens are manufactured with durable materials, including a sturdy barrel and durable acrylic tip from Japan, ensuring a high-quality writing and painting experience.
  • Value for Money 8.5/10: Given the inclusion of 6 diverse colors, quick-drying, and non-toxic ink, along with 2 extra nibs for replacement, the set offers excellent value for its price.
  • Ease of Use 9/10: The pens’ valve action structure ensures a smooth and free-flowing ink experience, making them easy to use for both adults and children.
  • Versatility 9/10: These pens can be used on almost any solid surface, offering great versatility for a wide range of projects.
  • Packaging and Accessibility 7/10: The pens come in simple packaging without a specific carrying case, which might affect storage and transport convenience.
Vickay Paint Pens
Overall Score: 8.5/10

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the Vickay Oil Paint Markers set is a valuable tool for any crafter or artist looking for versatility, ease of use, and quality. While there are areas for improvement, notably in nib durability and initial flow, the overall performance and results are impressive. These markers have earned a permanent spot in my crafting toolkit, providing a reliable solution for a wide range of creative projects. Whether you’re embellishing home decor, personalizing gifts, or engaging in artistic endeavors with your kids, these markers offer the quality and flexibility needed to bring your visions to life.


  • How can I utilize the fine tip and chisel tip of the Vickay paint pens for different projects?

    The fine tip is ideal for detailed work and precise lines, while the chisel tip is great for broader strokes and filling larger areas. This versatility makes Vickay paint pens suitable for a variety of projects, from intricate designs to bold, expansive creations.
  • Are Vickay paint markers safe for children to use?

    Yes, Vickay paint markers are safe for children as they are non-toxic, acid-free, quick-drying, water-resistant, and fade-resistant. However, it’s always recommended to supervise young children during use to ensure safety.
  • What surfaces can Vickay paint markers be used on?

    Vickay paint markers can be used on almost any solid surface, including rock, canvas, wood, paper, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, and even tires, making them perfect for a wide range of DIY projects and crafts.
  • How long does it take for Vickay paint pen ink to dry?

    The ink in Vickay paint pens is quick-drying, typically setting within minutes depending on the surface and the ink layer’s thickness. This fast-drying feature helps prevent smudging and allows for rapid progression in your projects.
  • How do I maintain the tips of Vickay paint markers for prolonged use?

    To maintain the tips, ensure they are clean after use by wiping off any excess ink. Store the pens horizontally to ensure even ink flow and prevent drying out. If a tip becomes frayed or worn, using the replacement nibs included can extend the life of your pens.
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