Uni-POSCA PC-5M Set of 15 – Medium Point – Review 2024

Having spent countless hours with paint markers, and now as an experienced article writer, I’ve had my share of testing various brands with my kids. Among these, Uni-POSCA paint markers have often been a part of our creative toolkit. Here, I’ll delve into my personal experience with the Uni-POSCA PC-5M Set of 15 – Medium Point, offering insights that blend both professional observations and casual, everyday use.

Product Overview

  • Medium Point Precision: Ideal for both fine details and filling in larger areas.
  • Vivid Colors: Offers a range of bright, vibrant options.
  • Multi-Surface Compatibility: Works on paper, glass, plastic, and metal.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to activate and apply, suitable for all ages.
  • Quick Drying: Minimizes smudging and allows for rapid layering of colors.
posca set of 15

Product Specs

Product NameUni-POSCA PC-5M Set
Tip TypeMedium Point
Color RangeWide array of vibrant colors
Surface CompatibilityPaper, glass, plastic, metal, and more
User LevelSuitable for all ages and skill levels
Activation MethodShake, press, and ready to use
Drying TimeQuick drying to prevent smudging
LayeringEasy layering without color bleeding
PackagingSecure, sometimes non-English labels

My Personal Experience


  • Color Payoff
  • Ease of Use
  • Versatility
  • Layering Capability


  • Ink Longevity
  • Initial Messiness
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Cost


In my time using the Uni-POSCA PC-5M set, several aspects stood out that confirmed why these markers are a favorite in the art community:

  1. Color Payoff: The intensity of the colors is truly remarkable. Whether doodling with my son or adding details to a sketch, the output is consistently vivid and eye-catching. This vibrancy makes any artwork pop, which is a big plus for any creative endeavor.
  2. Ease of Use: One of the standout features is how simple these markers are to use. You shake, press, and you’re ready to go. This ease of use is particularly appreciated when I’m engaged in art projects with my children. It’s hassle-free and fun, which keeps the creative juices flowing without interruption.
  3. Versatility: These markers have not let us down on various surfaces. We’ve used them on everything from canvases to stones, and the quality remains unchanged. This adaptability is crucial for broadening creative horizons, especially when the kids want to explore different mediums.
  4. Layering Capability: Layering colors without bleeding is often a challenge with paint markers, but not with Uni-POSCA. After a layer dries, which happens quite swiftly, you can go over it with another color without any issues. It opens up possibilities for more complex art pieces.


However, despite many strengths, there are a few areas where the Uni-POSCA PC-5M set could improve:

  1. Ink Longevity: I’ve noticed that despite their robust appearance, the markers don’t last as long as I’d like. Frequent use tends to drain them quicker than expected, which can be a bit disappointing, especially considering their price point.
  2. Initial Messiness: When first using the markers, or if they haven’t been used in a while, the paint can blob out unexpectedly. This requires a careful and prepared approach, especially important in detailed artwork. Always have scrap paper on hand to prime the pens!
  3. Packaging and Labeling Issues: This isn’t directly related to the markers’ performance but is worth mentioning. Some packages and labels have arrived in languages other than English, with no translations available. This can be frustrating and confusing, particularly when giving these as gifts.
  4. Cost: While you do pay for quality, the price can be a barrier for regular purchasing. This is especially true if you’re integrating these markers into daily use or professional projects.
uni-posca paint markers set of 15 features

In-depth Analysis

Diving into the Uni-POSCA PC-5M Set was more than just another testing session—it was a vivid journey into what modern art tools can offer. From my firsthand experience, it’s clear why these markers are often at the forefront of discussions among both amateur and professional artists. But why is this important, and what does it mean for us, whether we’re sketching in a home studio or crafting masterpieces in a professional setting?

First Impressions Count

The moment you pick up a Uni-POSCA marker, you’ll notice its sturdy build. It feels robust, designed to withstand the enthusiastic grip of a child or the firm, controlled pressure from a seasoned artist. But isn’t it just a marker? What I found is that it’s not about the tool itself but how it empowers creativity. As I sketched out the first few lines, the medium point tip offered a precision that I hadn’t expected. The paint flowed smoothly, without those dreaded breaks that can interrupt the creative process.

Color Brilliance and Application

Who doesn’t crave colors that pop on any canvas? I was struck by how the hues leapt off the surface, whether it was paper, wood, or glass. The versatility here is a significant plus. I remember layering a sky blue over a sunset orange, expecting them to bleed into a murky mess. Instead, they maintained distinct boundaries. The ability to layer colors without the fear of them blending unintentionally is something I’ve struggled to find in other brands.

Durability and Longevity

Now, onto a sore point—the longevity of the ink. Why even talk about it? Because no one wants to fall in love with a tool only to have it run dry unexpectedly. I’ve found that while each marker is a powerhouse initially, the vibrancy begins to wane after extensive use. This might not be a deal-breaker for occasional users, but for someone like me, who uses them daily, it’s a point of contention. Is it too much to ask for lasting brilliance?

User Experience and Practicality

Let’s be real; the ease of use is a game-changer. From the first press to the last stroke, the experience was predominantly mess-free, apart from a few initial blobs when I got overly excited with the white marker. Learning curve aside, isn’t it wonderful when a tool just… works? There’s no fiddling, no fuss, just straight to the art, which is what every artist craves.

Cost Versus Quality

And finally, the price—an aspect we can’t ignore. Are they worth the investment? In my opinion, yes, but with reservations. They’re not the most budget-friendly option on the shelf, but what you’re paying for is the quality, the vibrancy, the ease of use, and the versatility. It’s a trade-off, and for serious artists, one that’s often worth making.

Notes and Rating

  • Color Vibrancy: 9/10 The colors are incredibly vibrant and stand out beautifully on various surfaces.
  • Ease of Use: 8/10 These markers are straightforward to use, though they may require some initial setup to avoid initial blobs of paint.
  • Versatility: 9/10 The ability to use these markers on a diverse range of surfaces (paper, glass, metal, etc.) without loss of quality is remarkable.
  • Durability of Ink: 6/10 Although the markers start strong, they tend to run out quicker than some might expect, which could be a drawback for frequent users.
  • Value for Money: 7/10 While slightly on the expensive side, the quality and performance of these markers can justify the investment for serious artists and enthusiasts.
Uni-POSCA PC-5M Set – Medium Point
Overall Score: 7.8/10

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, why does this matter for potential buyers? If you’re looking for a versatile, vibrant tool to add to your artistic arsenal, the Uni-POSCA PC-5M set offers a lot. However, weigh the cost against how often you plan to use them and on what surfaces. For occasional artists, the investment might seem steep, but for avid enthusiasts and professionals, the quality and the vibrant output could very well justify the expense. Would I recommend them? Absolutely, but with the caution to prepare for the quirks I mentioned. After all, isn’t art about overcoming a little mess to create something beautiful?


  • What surfaces can Uni-POSCA PC-5M paint markers be used on?

    Uni-POSCA PC-5M paint markers can be used on a variety of surfaces including paper, glass, plastic, and metal. They are highly versatile and provide vibrant, opaque color that dries quickly and permanently on porous surfaces and can be removable on glass.
  • How do you activate the paint flow in Uni-POSCA markers?

    To activate the paint flow in Uni-POSCA markers, shake the marker well with the cap on to mix the paint, then press the tip down on scrap paper several times until the paint begins to flow. It may take a few seconds for the paint to saturate the tip upon first use or if the marker hasn’t been used in a while.
  • Are Uni-POSCA PC-5M markers suitable for children’s use?

    Yes, Uni-POSCA PC-5M markers are water-based and non-toxic, making them safe for children to use. They are ideal for all ages and skill levels due to their ease of use and non-toxic nature. However, adult supervision is recommended for very young children.
  • Can the colors from Uni-POSCA PC-5M markers be layered?

    Yes, colors from Uni-POSCA PC-5M markers can be layered once the first layer has dried. These markers dry quickly, allowing for multiple layers without smudging or bleeding, which is perfect for creating depth and intricate detailing in artwork.
  • What should I do if a Uni-POSCA marker dries out?

    If a Uni-POSCA marker dries out, you can try to revive it by adding a few drops of water to the tip. Gently press the tip down to allow the water to flow into the marker, which can help reactivate the dried paint. For best results, store markers horizontally and tightly cap them after each use to prevent drying.
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