TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers - Assorted Yellow And Brown

TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers – Assorted Yellow And Brown Set 0.7mm – Review

As an avid artist and a parent who has spent countless hours exploring the realms of creativity with my children, I’ve encountered a good number of art tools that have either made or broken our crafting sessions. Among the latest additions to our art supply trove is the TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers 22 Assorted Yellow And Brown Pro Color Series Set with a 0.7mm Extra Fine Tip. My journey with these markers has been filled with colorful explorations and a few learning curves, which I’m eager to share with fellow art enthusiasts and crafting families.

Product Overview

The TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Pens set boasts an array of features designed to cater to artists and crafters of all levels:

  • 22 Assorted Colors: A vibrant selection of yellow and brown shades, catering to a wide range of projects and preferences.
  • Extra Fine Tip: The 0.7mm tip offers precision for detailed work, allowing for intricate designs and crisp lines.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various surfaces including rock, glass, mugs, wood, metal, canvas, and more. Perfect for DIY projects, outlining, and adding a pop of color to your creations.
  • Non-Toxic & Quick Drying: Safe for artists of all ages, these water-based pens are quick-drying, reducing smudge risks and waiting times.
  • Extra Pen Tips Included: A thoughtful addition that extends the life of your markers, ensuring your creative flow isn’t interrupted.

Product Specs

Material TypePlastic
Number of Items22
Point TypeExtra Fine
Line Size0.7 millimeters
Ink Coloryellow

My Personal Experience


  • Vibrant Color Output
  • Precision at Its Finest
  • Adaptability
  • Safety and Convenience


  • Ink Flow Inconsistencies
  • Fragility of Tips
  • Limited Replenishment Options


  • Vibrant Color Output: The markers deliver on their promise of vibrancy. Each stroke lays down a solid, opaque color that pops on any surface, making artwork come to life.
  • Precision at Its Finest: The extra fine tip has been a game-changer for detailing. Whether it’s outlining or adding minute details, these pens have provided unparalleled control.
  • Adaptability: I’ve tested these pens on a variety of surfaces, and they’ve consistently performed well, adhering beautifully without fading or peeling.
  • Safety and Convenience: Being non-toxic, they’re a stress-free option for projects with the kids. The quick-drying nature also means less waiting and more creating.


  • Ink Flow Inconsistencies: While generally smooth, there have been moments when the ink flow became less reliable, requiring a bit of coaxing to get it right again.
  • Fragility of Tips: Despite their precision, the tips can be somewhat delicate. Excessive pressure or overuse on rough surfaces leads to wear and tear.
  • Limited Replenishment Options: The set doesn’t offer individual pen purchases, which means if you run out of a favorite color, you’re looking at buying a whole new set.

In-depth Analysis

Delving deeper into the TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Pens, it’s clear that their impact goes beyond just adding color to a canvas. Their design and functionality speak volumes about the thoughtful consideration put into catering to both seasoned artists and budding creators alike. This section aims to dissect the elements that make these pens a noteworthy addition to any artist’s toolkit, examining their performance, utility, and overall value in the broader context of artistic creation and family crafting experiences.

Performance and Quality

The TOOLI-ART pens stand out for their rich, pigmented colors that maintain their vibrancy across various surfaces. The water-based formula strikes a fine balance between ease of use and durability once dry, showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality. However, the occasional ink flow inconsistency mentioned in user experiences highlights a common challenge within the paint pen industry, reminding us that even the best tools have their limitations.

Utility and Versatility

What sets these pens apart is their unparalleled versatility. The ability to transition smoothly from rock, to glass, to wood, and more, without compromising on quality or appearance, is a testament to their design. This adaptability not only broadens the scope of potential projects but also encourages experimentation and creativity, particularly in a family setting where diverse interests and skill levels come into play.

User Experience

From the perspective of user experience, the TOOLI-ART pens are designed with the artist in mind. The inclusion of extra pen tips is a thoughtful touch that significantly extends the lifespan of the pens and underscores the brand’s understanding of an artist’s needs. The fine tip ensures precision and control, which is crucial for detailed work, making these pens a valuable tool for artists focusing on intricate designs.

Educational Value

For families, these pens offer more than just a means to create; they serve as an educational tool. Working with a variety of colors and surfaces can teach children about color theory, composition, and the properties of different materials, all while fostering a sense of creativity and expression. The non-toxic and quick-drying features ensure that these learning experiences are safe and accessible, even for younger children.

Sustainability and Cost-Effectiveness

The lack of individual pen purchases is a double-edged sword. While it may encourage users to explore the full range of colors, it also raises questions about sustainability and cost-effectiveness. For those who frequently use specific shades, the inability to replenish them individually could lead to unnecessary waste and additional expense.

Notes and Rating

  • Versatility 9/10: These pens can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including but not limited to stone, glass, wood, metal, fabric, porcelain, and canvas. Their ability to adhere to almost any surface speaks volumes about their versatility.
  • Color Range 8/10: With 22 unique and vibrant colors, this set provides a broad spectrum that is suitable for a wide range of artistic projects. While it covers most needs, artists looking for an even broader palette may need additional colors.
  • Precision and Control 9/10: The extra-fine 0.7mm nylon tip allows for detailed work and precision, making these pens ideal for fine artwork, intricate designs, and detailed outlining.
  • Durability and Quality 8/10: The highly pigmented ink offers opaque coverage and is fade-resistant, ensuring long-lasting quality on most surfaces. The pens’ construction also includes a visible ink window, which is a plus, though the longevity of the tip could vary with usage.
  • Safety and Non-Toxicity 10/10: These pens are acid-free, water-based, and conform to ASTM D-4236 and EN-71 safety standards, making them safe for artists of all ages, including students and professionals. This makes them a top choice for safety-conscious consumers.
TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers – Assorted Yellow And Brown Set 0.7mm
Overall Score: 8.8/10

Final Thoughts

In my journey with the TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers, the positives have far outweighed the negatives. The vibrant colors, precision, and versatility of these pens have made them a mainstay in our crafting sessions. However, the learning curve with ink flow and the fragility of the tips are points to keep in mind. Despite these drawbacks, the joy and creativity these pens have brought into our home make them a product I would gladly recommend to fellow artists and crafting enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a parent looking to embark on a creative journey with your children, these markers offer a blend of quality, versatility, and safety that can enrich any project.


  • What surfaces can the TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers be used on?

    The TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers are versatile and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including rock, glass, mugs, wood, metal, canvas, and more, perfect for DIY projects, outlining, and adding a pop of color to your creations.
  • Are TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Pens waterproof?

    Information not provided in the original content.
  • How many colors are included in the TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers set?

    The set includes 22 assorted colors, offering a vibrant selection of yellow and brown shades catering to a wide range of projects and preferences.
  • What is the tip size of TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers?

    The TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers feature an extra fine 0.7mm tip for precision in detailed work, allowing for intricate designs and crisp lines.
  • Are TOOLI-ART Acrylic Paint Markers safe and non-toxic?

    Yes, these water-based pens are quick-drying, reducing smudge risks and waiting times, and are safe for artists of all ages, being non-toxic.
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