Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers – Primary – Review 2024

Drawing and coloring have always been a big part of my life. As a hobby artist and a parent, I spend a lot of time exploring different art supplies. Recently, I had the chance to try out the Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers in the Primary set. These pens are often praised in the art community, so I was eager to see if they lived up to the hype. Here’s my in-depth review based on my personal experience.

Product Overview

The Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers come with several noteworthy features:

  • Dual tips: One end is a flexible brush tip for bold strokes, and the other end is a fine tip for detailed work.
  • Water-based ink: The ink is blendable and can be used for watercolor effects.
  • Self-cleaning tips: After blending colors, the tips clean themselves.
  • Vibrant colors: The primary set includes bright, vibrant colors.
  • Non-toxic: Safe for kids and adults.
  • Acid-free: Ideal for archival quality projects.
Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers Overview

Product Specs

Product NameTombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers – Primary
Number of Colors10
Tip TypesFlexible Brush Tip and Fine Tip
Ink TypeWater-based, blendable
UsageSuitable for hand lettering, coloring, and detailed artwork
SafetySafe for children and adults
PackagingSet of 10 pens with dual tips

My Personal Experience


  • Vibrant and Versatile Colors
  • Easy to Control for Beginners
  • Good Blending Capability
  • Non-Toxic and Safe for Kids
  • Self-Cleaning Tips


  • Pricey Compared to Other Brands
  • Blending Limitations with Some Colors
  • Limited Color Range in Basic Sets
  • Not Ideal for All Paper Types
  • Tricky Blending Pen Use


Vibrant and Versatile

In my opinion, the Tombow Dual Brush Pens are incredibly versatile. The vibrant colors are perfect for various projects, from hand lettering to coloring books. The brush tip is fantastic for creating smooth, consistent strokes, while the fine tip is great for adding details.

Easy to Control

For someone who’s learning calligraphy or hand lettering, these pens make the process easier. I experienced how the brush tip’s flexibility responds to different pressure levels, helping me create beautiful strokes.

Blending Capability

I’ve used other markers before, and one thing that stands out with the Tombow pens is their blending capability. Although not all colors blend equally well, I found that freshly applied colors blend beautifully with a water brush or the blender pen included in the set. This feature is particularly useful for creating gradient effects.

Non-Toxic and Safe

As a parent, safety is paramount. The Tombow pens are non-toxic and acid-free, which means they are safe for my kids to use. I don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals when they’re drawing alongside me.

Self-Cleaning Tips

The self-cleaning tips are a real game-changer. When blending different colors, the brush tip doesn’t get permanently stained. This feature makes the pens last longer and keeps the colors pure.



One of the main drawbacks, in my opinion, is the price. These pens are more expensive compared to other brands. While the quality justifies the cost, it can be a barrier for beginners or those on a budget.

Blending Limitations

Although the pens blend well, not all colors blend seamlessly. In the primary set, I noticed that some colors like black and yellow are more permanent and don’t blend as smoothly as others. This can be a bit frustrating when trying to achieve certain effects.

Limited Color Range in Basic Sets

The primary set has a good range of colors, but it lacks some shades like purple. For more extensive projects, you might need to buy additional sets, which adds to the cost.

Not Ideal for All Paper Types

These pens work well on most paper types, but when I used them on thinner paper, the ink bled through. It’s best to use them on thicker, high-quality paper to avoid this issue.

Blending Pen Issue

While the blending pen is a great addition, I found it a bit tricky to use. It doesn’t always produce the smooth transitions I hoped for, and there’s a learning curve to getting the best results.

In-depth Analysis

First Impressions and Design

From the moment I picked up the Tombow Dual Brush Pens, I could feel the quality in my hands. The dual tips immediately caught my attention. The brush tip, flexible yet sturdy, promised a range of strokes, while the fine tip looked perfect for detailing. Right off the bat, these pens felt balanced and comfortable to hold. They seemed designed for long periods of use without causing hand fatigue.

I spent a lot of time just doodling with them, and it was so satisfying to see how effortlessly they glided across the paper. The vibrancy of the colors was stunning. Each hue popped, making my sketches come to life in a way that cheaper markers never could. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Would these colors stay as vivid over time?” In my experience so far, they’ve held up beautifully.

Performance and Versatility

As someone who dabbles in various art forms, from calligraphy to bullet journaling, I found these pens incredibly versatile. The brush tip, in particular, allowed me to create broad strokes and delicate lines with just a change in pressure. It’s like having multiple brushes in one pen. But, why is this important? It means you can achieve a lot without switching tools constantly.

The fine tip was equally impressive, providing crisp, clean lines that were perfect for intricate details. Whether I was outlining a drawing or adding tiny embellishments to my journal, this tip delivered precision every time. The ink flow was smooth and consistent, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of work. I noticed no skipping or blotching, even when working on more absorbent paper.

Blending and Color Mixing

Blending is where these pens truly shine. In my experience, not all colors blend equally well, but those that do create stunning gradients. I used the blender pen included in the set, and it was a joy to see how seamlessly I could transition between colors. However, I did encounter some challenges. For instance, darker colors like black and navy didn’t blend as smoothly and could overpower the lighter shades.

But what does this mean for us as artists? It’s a reminder that every tool has its limitations, and part of the creative process is learning to work with and around them. Despite these minor setbacks, the blending capabilities overall were impressive. Using a water brush, I even achieved watercolor-like effects, adding another layer of versatility to these pens.

Durability and Longevity

Durability is always a concern with art supplies, especially with pens that see heavy use. In my opinion, Tombow has done a commendable job here. The tips showed little to no signs of fraying, even after extensive use. This is crucial because a worn-out tip can ruin the precision of your work. I also appreciated the self-cleaning feature of the tips, which kept the colors true and the pens in good working condition.

I’ve used other brands where the tips deteriorated quickly, but these have held up well. The ink also lasted longer than I expected, making these pens a good investment despite their higher price point. Considering how much use they’ve already seen in my household, from my own projects to my kids’ drawings, the longevity is quite impressive.

Practical Considerations

Let’s talk practicality. One of the first things I noticed was how well these pens worked on different types of paper. They performed best on thicker, high-quality paper with minimal bleeding. On thinner paper, there was some bleed-through, so it’s something to keep in mind if you’re planning to use them in a typical notebook or planner.

Price-wise, these pens are on the higher end, but in my experience, the quality justifies the cost. They’re non-toxic and acid-free, making them safe for kids, which is a big plus for me. The self-cleaning tips also mean less maintenance and longer life for the pens.

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re serious about your art or even just looking for a reliable set of markers for journaling, these are worth considering. They offer a blend of quality, versatility, and durability that’s hard to beat.

Notes and rating

  • Color Vibrancy: 9/10 The colors are bright and vibrant, making any artwork pop.
  • Versatility: 8/10 The dual tips provide great flexibility for various art forms, though the blending can be tricky with some colors.
  • Ease of Use: 9/10 These pens are easy to control, even for beginners. The brush tip responds well to pressure changes, and the fine tip is perfect for details.
  • Durability: 8/10 The tips are sturdy and show little wear even after extensive use. The self-cleaning feature is a bonus for longevity.
  • Value for Money: 7/10 While they are more expensive than some other brands, the quality and performance justify the price. However, the cost might be a barrier for some users.
Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers – Primary
Overall Score: 8.2/10

Final Thoughts

The Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers in the Primary set are a fantastic addition to any artist’s toolkit. They offer vibrant colors, excellent control, and versatility, making them suitable for various art forms. However, the price and some blending limitations might be a drawback for some users. Overall, I highly recommend these pens for anyone serious about their art, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist. They’re a bit of an investment, but in my experience, they’re worth every penny.


  • What are the key features of the Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers?

    The Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers feature dual tips with a flexible brush tip and a fine tip, vibrant and blendable water-based ink, self-cleaning tips, and a non-toxic and acid-free formulation.
  • Are these markers suitable for beginners?

    Yes, the Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers are suitable for beginners. They are easy to control, offer vibrant colors, and provide good blending capabilities, making them ideal for those new to hand lettering and illustration.
  • Do the markers work on all types of paper?

    The Tombow Dual Brush Pens work best on thicker, high-quality paper to prevent bleeding. They can be used on various paper types, but thinner paper may experience some bleed-through.
  • How do the self-cleaning tips work?

    The self-cleaning tips on the Tombow Dual Brush Pens ensure that the tips remain clean after blending colors. This feature helps maintain the purity of the colors and extends the longevity of the pens.
  • Are these markers safe for children to use?

    Yes, the Tombow Dual Brush Pens are non-toxic and acid-free, making them safe for children to use. They conform to safety standards and are suitable for use in educational and creative environments.
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