Shuttle Art Fabric Markers Review 2024


I’ve recently had the opportunity to test the Shuttle Art Fabric Markers, a product that’s been generating quite a buzz in 2023 and will probably keep going in 2024. Known for their versatility and vibrant colors, these markers are designed for an array of fabric art projects. Here, I’ll share my firsthand experience with these markers, delving into their features and assessing their pros and cons based on my use and the collective feedback from the arts community.

Product Overview

  • Wide Color Range: The set offers a broad spectrum of colors, providing ample choices for creative expression.
  • Dual Tip Sizes: Each marker comes with two tip sizes, enhancing versatility in line thickness and application.
  • Fast-Drying Ink: The ink dries quickly, which is essential for fabric art to prevent smudging.
  • Water-Resistant Ink: Once dried, the ink is resistant to water, making it durable for wearable and washable fabric items.

My Personal Experience


  • Vibrant Colors
  • Versatility in Use
  • Ease of Use
  • Fast-Drying and Water-Resistant


  • Bleeding Issues
  • Ink Consistency
  • Color Identification


  • Vibrant Colors: In my experience, the color payoff of these markers is impressive. Whether I was decorating a onesie or creating custom pillowcases, the colors popped beautifully, bringing my designs to life.
  • Versatility in Use: The dual-tip design is a significant plus. The fine tip allowed me precision for detailed work, while the broader tip was perfect for filling larger areas. This versatility came in handy when working on varied projects.
  • Ease of Use: I found these markers incredibly user-friendly, especially for beginners or younger artists. Their ease of use makes them an excellent choice for family craft projects.
  • Fast-Drying and Water-Resistant: The quick-dry ink is a game-changer. I didn’t have to worry about smudging, and the water-resistant quality ensured my designs stayed intact through washes.


  • Bleeding Issues: One downside I noticed, which aligns with some user reviews, is the tendency of the ink to bleed, especially through thinner fabrics. Testing on scrap fabric first is advisable to gauge the bleed.
  • Ink Consistency: While the majority of the markers performed well, I encountered a few that had dried out upon first use. Ink consistency appears to be a hit-or-miss, which can be frustrating.
  • Color Identification: The lack of numbering or clear color identification on the markers posed a minor inconvenience. When resuming a project, I had to re-test colors to ensure consistency, which can be a bit of a hassle.

In-Depth Analysis

In this section, I’ll provide a deeper analysis of the Shuttle Art Fabric Markers, focusing on their functional aspects and how they stand up in practical scenarios. This in-depth look is based on extensive personal testing and careful consideration of other users feedback.

Ink Quality and Fabric Interaction

The ink’s vibrancy is undoubtedly a high point. Each color stands out with a rich saturation, which is a joy for any fabric artist. However, the behavior of the ink on different fabrics is worth noting. While it works excellently on thicker fabrics, on thinner materials like those of onesies or pillowcases, the ink tends to bleed. This bleeding can be a significant issue when working on detailed designs, as it can blur lines and mix colors unintentionally.

Marker Design and Usability

The dual-tip design is a thoughtful addition, catering to the needs of diverse projects. The fine tip allows for precision, perfect for outlining or adding intricate details. The broader tip, on the other hand, is excellent for filling in larger areas or bold strokes. However, the markers’ physical design lacks in one key area – color identification. Without clear labeling or numbering, it becomes a task to distinguish between similar shades, leading to potential confusion during complex projects.

Longevity and Performance Consistency

During my tests, I noted the longevity of the markers. Most of the markers maintained a consistent ink flow and didn’t dry out quickly, which is commendable. However, the inconsistency in ink quality across the set is a drawback. A few markers were dry from the start, which interrupts the workflow and can be disappointing, especially considering the set’s price point.

Application and Practicality for Various Users

For beginners and young artists, these markers are a delight due to their ease of use. They are straightforward to handle, and the fast-drying ink reduces the chances of smudging, which is often a concern for inexperienced users. However, for more advanced fabric artists, the bleeding issue and the lack of ink consistency might pose a limitation to the complexity of the designs they can undertake.

Price-Performance Ratio

Regarding value for money, the Shuttle Art Fabric Markers offer a decent deal. The range of colors and the dual-tip functionality are features that are often found in more expensive sets. The set is a good starter kit for those new to fabric art or for casual crafting but might fall short for professional or commercial use due to the aforementioned issues.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Shuttle Art Fabric Markers are a vibrant and versatile set suitable for a range of fabric art projects. Their easy use and dual-tip design cater to both novices and seasoned artists. However, issues such as bleeding and ink consistency are areas for potential improvement. Despite these drawbacks, the markers offer good value for their price and are a solid choice for those venturing into fabric art or looking for a reliable set for casual crafting. Whether you’re customizing clothing or creating home decor, these markers bring a splash of creativity to your fabric projects.

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