Shuttle Art 24 Colors Metallic Paint Markers

Shuttle Art 24 Colors Metallic Paint Markers – Review 2024

Always on the lookout for quality without the huge price tag, as one who has used the paint markers quite extensively to add flare to family projects and my own crafty projects, the Shuttle Art 24 Colors Metallic Paint Markers were of interest to me. After all, they had promised to add a touch of shimmer and versatility to the party. So, here’s what I’ve got after trying these markers on my own, channeling both creativity and practical needs.

Product Overview

  • Variety of Colors: A set of 24 vibrant metallic shades.
  • Tip Size: Predominantly 2mm, though advertised as 1mm, affecting line thickness.
  • Compatibility: Works on a variety of surfaces including paper, glass, plastic, and even fabric.
  • Drying Time: Quick-drying formula to prevent smudging during use.
  • Non-Bleeding: Ink does not bleed through most papers.
  • Additional Features: Water-resistant and fade-proof properties enhance durability.
Shuttle Art 24 Colors Metallic Paint Markers overview

Product Specs

BrandShuttle Art
Colors Included24 Metallic Colors
Tip Size2mm (advertised as 1mm)
Surface CompatibilityPaper, Glass, Plastic, Fabric
Ink PropertiesQuick-drying, Water-resistant, Fade-proof
BleedingDoes not bleed through most papers
DurabilityColor remains vibrant even after washing on fabric
Package Quantity24 Markers

My Personal Experience


  • Shimmer Effect is Outstanding
  • Does Not Bleed Through Paper
  • Ink Holds Up Well on Fabric
  • Reflects Light Beautifully, Especially on Dark Surfaces
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Tip Size is Thicker Than Advertised
  • Colors Can Be Too Similar
  • Slight Fuzzing of the Felt Tips Over Time

The Pros

In my opinion, there’s a lot to love about these Shuttle Art Metallic Paint Markers. For starters, the shimmer effect they leave behind is truly outstanding, especially on darker surfaces like black paper which I often use for scrapbooking. It’s impressive how they reflect light, making the colors pop beautifully—every stroke brings your art to life.

Why is this important? Well, whether you’re jazzing up a homemade greeting card or adding accents to a scrapbook, the right kind of shimmer can transform your project from plain to extraordinary. Plus, these markers are pretty forgiving on surfaces; I’ve used them on everything from thick cardstock to delicate tissue paper and they didn’t bleed through.

The durability of the ink is another high point. I did a design on a cotton shirt for my daughter and, even after multiple washes, the color held up remarkably well. This kind of resilience means you can venture beyond paper and experiment with fabric projects, which is a huge plus for any craft lover.

The company’s customer service also deserves a shoutout. After a shipping hiccup, they were quick to resolve the issue—something that not only saved the day but also showed they genuinely care about their customers.

The Cons

However, no product is without its flaws. One of the first things I noticed was the tip size discrepancy. The markers are marketed as having a 1mm tip, but it’s definitely thicker, closer to 2mm. This can be a bit misleading if you’re expecting to do finer detailed work. I found that you have to apply very light pressure to achieve thinner lines, which can be tricky and doesn’t always yield the best results.

Another minor issue is the similarities in some color shades. When you’re expecting a diverse palette, it’s a bit disappointing to find a few colors that are barely distinguishable from one another. This isn’t a dealbreaker but something to consider if you need a wide range of distinct colors for detailed artwork.

Lastly, I noticed a slight fuzzing of the felt tips over time, especially when used heavily. While this hasn’t impacted the overall functionality yet, it does raise some concerns about long-term durability and precision.

In-depth Analysis

Unmatched Color Vibrancy

When I first got my hands on the Shuttle Art 24 Colors Metallic Paint Markers, I was eager to see if they’d live up to the hype. What does it mean for us as artists or even casual crafters when a product promises such vibrant outcomes? Well, it means a lot, especially when your projects hinge on the quality of your tools.

In my use, one of the first things I noticed was the sheer vibrancy of the colors. It’s not just any vibrancy—it’s the kind that makes your artwork stand out with a near-iridescent quality that catches the eye. Whether it was a quick doodle or a detailed addition to my kids’ project boards, the results were consistently impressive. The markers glided on the surface, laying down a smooth, even layer of metallic paint that didn’t create any unwanted texture.

Supreme Versatility on Various Surfaces

Why is this smoothness important? For one, it shows that the markers are well-made. But more importantly, it makes them incredibly versatile. I tried these markers on everything from traditional paper and cardstock to more unconventional surfaces like glass and fabric. On each of these, the performance was reliable without any loss in quality, which isn’t something you can say about every paint marker out there.

Enhanced Visibility on Dark Surfaces

However, what truly caught my attention was how the colors performed on dark surfaces. The metallic sheen didn’t just show up; it popped. This is crucial when you’re working on darker backgrounds where typical colors might not stand out as much. Have you ever tried to get a vivid color on black paper with ordinary markers? It’s usually a hit or miss, but with these, it was a hit every time.

Durability that Lasts

Let’s talk about durability. When I used these markers to add some flair to a cotton T-shirt—a true test of any fabric marker—I found that the color stayed vibrant even after several washes. This endurance is what you’d hope for, right? Because what’s the point of putting all that effort into a design if it fades the first time you wash it?

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

On the downside, the markers are not without their quirks. The tip size issue is a bit misleading; expecting a 1mm tip and getting a 2mm can throw off your game if you’re planning on intricate details. And while the colors are brilliant, having shades that are too similar can limit your creative expression. After all, who needs three shades of gold that all look almost the same?

Notes and Rating

  • Color Vibrancy and Variety: 8/10 The colors are vibrant and stand out well, especially on dark surfaces. The shimmer effect is notable. However, some colors are too similar, which slightly limits the variety.
  • Ease of Use: 7/10 The markers glide smoothly on various surfaces, but the tip size being larger than advertised can affect precision in detailed artwork.
  • Durability of Ink: 9/10 Ink quality is excellent, holding up well on both paper and fabric even after several washes, showcasing great water-resistant and fade-proof properties.
  • Surface Compatibility: 9/10 Performs well on a variety of surfaces including paper, fabric, glass, and plastic, providing versatility for different projects.
  • Value for Money: 8/10 Considering the overall quality and the number of markers you get, these are reasonably priced. The customer service adds value, though the packaging and tip issues slightly detract from the overall score.
Shuttle Art 24 Colors Metallic Paint Markers
Overall Score: 8.2/10

Final Thoughts

Conclusion Overall, Shuttle Art’s 24 Colors Metallic Paint Markers are quite a good assurance of value in metallic decoration for one’s projects. The pros sure have a hand over the cons in matters of performance and aesthetic impression. They’re quite a good deal for budding artists and, yes, for crafters of long standing as well. Just keep in mind the tip size and color variety limitations, and you’re all set to spark a little creativity in your next project! See for yourself how these markers are used to elevate your artistic expressions.


  • What surfaces can Shuttle Art Metallic Paint Markers be used on?

    Shuttle Art Metallic Paint Markers can be used on a variety of surfaces including paper, glass, plastic, and fabric. Their versatile ink adheres well and creates vibrant effects on both light and dark surfaces.
  • How do the colors perform on dark paper?

    The metallic markers excel on dark paper, with the ink providing a luminous sheen that stands out vividly. The shimmer effect is particularly noticeable and effective on darker backgrounds, enhancing the visibility and impact of the artwork.
  • Are these markers washable on fabric?

    Yes, the ink used in Shuttle Art Metallic Paint Markers is designed to be durable on fabric. It can withstand multiple washes without fading, making these markers suitable for projects like designing t-shirts and other apparel.
  • What should I do if the marker tips dry out?

    If the tips of the markers dry out, try gently wiping them with a damp cloth to remove any dried ink. Storing the markers horizontally can also help maintain ink flow and prevent the tips from drying.
  • Can the metallic colors blend together?

    Metallic colors from Shuttle Art can blend to some extent, especially when still wet. For best results, blending should be done quickly after application, as the quick-drying formula does set relatively fast.
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