Shuttle Art 101 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Markers

Shuttle Art 101 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Markers – Review 2024

As a seasoned artist and parent who has navigated the world of art materials with two eager children, I have had enough of experience with a wide range of drawing equipment. Among the many, Shuttle Art 101 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Markers are notable for their diversity and quality. Having used these markers extensively in my projects and with my children, I feel qualified to provide a full appraisal of their characteristics and performance.

Product Overview

Shuttle Art 101 Color Dual Tip Alcohol Markers are a comprehensive set designed for artists, amateurs, and crafters alike. Here’s a list of their noteworthy features:

  • Dual Tips: Each marker has a delicate tip for precise work and a broad chisel tip for larger strokes.
  • Vibrant Colors: The kit includes 101 colors, providing enough of options for any project.
  • Alcohol-Based Ink: The alcohol-based ink in the markers is known for its easy application, allowing for seamless mixing and layering.
  • Minimal Bleed: Despite their saturation, the markers have low bleed through, making them acceptable for a variety of paper types.
  • Longevity: The ink’s quality ensures not just bright colors, but also long-lasting ink and fade resistance.
  • Carrying Case: The kit includes a robust case that makes storage and transportation simple and practical.

Product Specs

Product NameShuttle Art 101 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers
Colors Included100 colors + 1 blender
Tip TypeDual tip (4mm broad and 1mm pointed bullet tip)
Ink TypeAlcohol-based
SafetyNon-toxic, Acid-free, ASTM-D4236 certified
Suitable UsesColoring, Sketching, Illustration
Package Contents101 markers, 1 blender, 1 storage case
ManufacturerShuttle Art

My Personal Experience


  • Vibrant Color Output
  • Effortless Blending Capabilities
  • Versatile Dual Tips
  • Kid-Friendly Design


  • Extended Drying Time
  • Limited Color Selection in Certain Families


  • Rich Color Output: In my use, the colors are exceptionally vibrant and true to cap, adding life to every piece.
  • Blending Capabilities: The alcohol-based ink blends effortlessly, allowing for stunning gradients and depth.
  • Versatility: From fine lines to filling large areas, the dual tips cater to every need, making these markers incredibly versatile.
  • Kid-Friendly: Despite their professional quality, my kids found them easy and enjoyable to use, fostering their creativity.


  • Drying Time: While not a significant drawback, the ink requires a bit more drying time compared to some other markers, necessitating a bit of patience.
  • Color Selection: Although the variety is impressive, I found myself wishing for more shades in certain color families, particularly pastels and lighter greens.
Shuttle Art 101 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Markers

In-depth Analysis

Delving deeper into the Shuttle Art 101 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Markers, my experience reveals a nuanced perspective on their utility and performance in a broad spectrum of artistic applications. Having spent countless hours experimenting with these markers alongside my children, I’ve come to appreciate the intricate balance of quality, functionality, and user experience that these markers offer. Here’s a closer look at their in-depth analysis:

Ink Quality and Saturation: One of the most striking features of these markers is the richness of the ink. The colors are not just vibrant; they possess a depth that adds a professional touch to artwork. The alcohol-based ink ensures a smooth application, which is crucial for blending shades seamlessly. This quality is particularly beneficial in techniques like gradient transitions and shading, where the ink’s ability to layer without becoming muddy or overly saturated is paramount.

Durability and Fade Resistance: Longevity is a key factor in assessing the value of art markers. In my testing, the Shuttle Art markers have demonstrated commendable fade resistance, retaining their brilliance even when artworks are exposed to light over time. This durability extends to the markers’ physical build as well – the tips remain sharp and intact even after extensive use, a testament to their quality.

Ergonomics and Design: The dual-tip design addresses the versatile needs of artists by combining fine and broad tips in one marker. This not only saves space and simplifies the selection process during creative work but also provides ergonomic benefits. Switching between tips is smooth, allowing for uninterrupted work flow. Moreover, the markers are comfortable to hold for extended periods, which is crucial for both adults and children engaging in lengthy drawing sessions.

Color Range and Diversity: With 101 colors, the set offers an extensive palette that caters to nearly every project need. However, the distribution of colors within this range sometimes leaves gaps in specific color families. More variations in light tones, particularly in the spectrum of greens and blues, would enhance the set’s versatility even further, enabling more nuanced color work and detailed scenery illustrations.

Learning Curve and Accessibility: Despite their professional-grade quality, these markers are surprisingly user-friendly. This accessibility makes them an excellent tool for artists at different skill levels, including children exploring their creative interests. The ease of blending and the forgiving nature of the ink allow for experimentation without the fear of ruining a piece, encouraging users to explore their artistic boundaries.

Value for Money: Considering the quality, range, and versatility of the markers, they offer substantial value for their price. For hobbyists and professionals alike, the investment in this set is justified by its contribution to the quality of their work and the breadth of creative opportunities it opens up.

Notes and Rating

  • Color Variety: 9/10. The set’s broad spectrum of 101 colors is impressive, covering most needs with vibrant and rich hues.
  • Blending Ability: 9/10. Thanks to the alcohol-based ink, blending is smooth, making it easy to achieve professional-grade gradients and shadows.
  • Ease of Use: 8/10. The dual tips add versatility and are user-friendly, though there’s a slight learning curve for optimal use, especially for beginners.
  • Durability: 9/10. The markers are well-built, with tips that withstand extended use and ink that maintains its vibrancy over time.
  • Value for Money: 9/10. Considering the quality and range of colors, these markers offer excellent value, suitable for both hobbyists and professionals.
Shuttle Art 101 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Markers
Overall Score: 8.8/10

Final Thoughts

Shuttle Art 101 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Markers, in my opinion, are an excellent addition to any artist’s arsenal. Whether you are drawing, illustrating, or doing crafts projects with your kids, these markers have the quality and adaptability to bring your creative ideas to life. The few disadvantages are readily surpassed by their overall performance and the enjoyment they provide to the creative process.


  • What is included in the Shuttle Art 101 Colors Marker Set?

    The Shuttle Art 101 Colors Marker Set includes 100 vibrant, alcohol-based markers resistant to fading over time, plus 1 colorless blender. The set also comes with a black zippered case perfect for storage and travel.
  • What are the dual tips on these markers?

    Each marker features a dual-tip design with a 4mm broad tip for quick coverage and a 1mm pointed bullet tip for detailed work, making the markers versatile for coloring, sketching, and detailed illustration.
  • Are these markers easy to blend?

    Yes, the Shuttle Art Dual Tip Markers blend and layer well without leaving streaks, drying quickly. They are designed for easy blending to create a vast palette of colors by layering one color onto another.
  • Are the markers safe for kids and students?

    The marker set is non-toxic and acid-free, conforming to ASTM-D4236 safety standards, making it safe for kids and students. However, markers should be used on specific mark paper to prevent bleeding and recapped after use to prevent drying and ink leaking.
  • What is the manufacturer’s customer service and safety guarantee?

    Shuttle Art offers a safety guarantee, assuring that the markers are non-toxic and acid-free. If customers are not satisfied with the product or have any questions, they are encouraged to contact Shuttle Art for support.
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