Review of the Tombow Dual Brush Pens 2023

Hey, art aficionados! It’s me, your new favorite bumbling brush-wielder, with my first hilarious escapade from my “Let’s Try Not to Ruin This” art journey. Today’s muse? The Tombow Dual Brush Pens. You know, those pens every Instagram artist seems to rave about. Let’s dive into my roller coaster of a review.


  1. Dual Tips are a Dream (When I Remember Which is Which): The name isn’t deceptive, folks. One end boasts a brush tip, and the other end is a fine tip. Perfect for when I accidentally smudge a line and need to pretend it’s an artistic choice with some delicate detailing.
  2. Blend, Baby, Blend: For a klutz like me who often can’t decide on a color, these pens blend superbly. Some accidental color overlaps turned into “on-purpose” masterful shading.
  3. Color Me Impressed: The range of colors available is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing: Options! Curse: How do I pick just one? I spent more time choosing colors than actually drawing.
  4. Water-based Wizardry: Unlike alcohol-based markers, these didn’t bleed through my sketchbook, saving the next page for another day’s doodle disaster.


  1. Too Soft for a Sledgehammer-Handed Artist: The brush tip is soft. Too soft for a heavy-handed scribbler like me. I may or may not have frayed one within the first hour. Remember, gentle strokes, my friends. Not a fencing match.
  2. Cost & Clumsiness Don’t Mix: These pens aren’t the cheapest. And if, hypothetically, one were to forget to put the cap back on overnight… well, let’s just say, that’s money down the drain and one less color for your palette.
  3. Water-Based Woes: While being water-based is excellent for no bleed-through, it’s not-so-great if you spill your coffee/tea/soda (don’t judge) on your art. Remember that blending magic? It works with accidental spills too!

When to Use Them?

  1. Instagram-Worthy Calligraphy: I tried my hand at calligraphy. The verdict? The pens are fantastic for it. My skill? Let’s just say I’ll stick to doodling.
  2. Detailed Doodles & Journaling: The fine tip is a godsend. It has saved many of my drawings from being wholly unrecognizable to just slightly puzzling.
  3. Light Watercolor Effects: For a change, some of my “watercolor” effects were intentional and not just because I knocked over my drink.

When NOT to Use Them?

  1. Heavy-Handed Drawing: If you, like me, tend to press down hard when drawing, practice on some scrap paper first. Let’s just say I had a few unexpected bold strokes.
  2. Large-scale Coloring: These pens are better suited for detail work rather than coloring vast spaces. Especially if you’re trying to conserve the ink (because you forgot to replace the cap… again).

In conclusion, while the Tombow Dual Brush Pens are a delightful addition to any artist’s toolbox, they may come with a learning curve for the more… shall we say, artistically challenged among us. They’re forgiving, but perhaps not forgiving enough for all the ways I tested their limits. Happy drawing, and remember, the goal is progress, not perfection. Unless, of course, you’re trying to perfect the art of art disasters, in which case, I’m your guru!

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