Prismacolor Dual Brush and Fine Tip Markers

Explore Prismacolor Dual Brush and Fine Tip Markers – Best Review 2024

You know, if you are anything like me, your search for the perfect art supplies never seems to end. Recently, I was in need of a new marker set, and this is how I stumbled upon the Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Brush Tip and Fine Tip Markers. I am a mom of two whose children have an infatuation with drawing, and I am an art enthusiast myself. This is a comprehensive review.

Product Overview

Prismacolor Premier Double Ended Brush Tip and Fine Tip Markers offer a variety of features:

  • Dual-ended design: Brush tip on one end and a fine tip on the other.
  • Vibrant colors: Rich, saturated colors perfect for various projects.
  • Blendable: Colors can be blended to create smooth transitions.
  • Durability: Designed for longevity and sustained use.
  • Versatile use: Suitable for different types of artwork and surfaces.
  • Ergonomic design: Comfortable grip for extended use.
Prismacolor Dual Brush and Fine Tip Markers Overview

Product Specs

ModelPremier Double Ended Brush Tip and Fine Tip Markers
Tip TypesBrush Tip and Fine Tip
Colors AvailableMultiple vibrant colors
Ink TypeAlcohol-based
Dual-Ended DesignYes, one end with a brush tip, the other with a fine tip
BlendableYes, colors can be blended smoothly
UsageSuitable for various art projects and surfaces

My Personal Experience


  • Vibrant and Rich Colors
  • Smooth Ink Flow
  • Dual-Ended Convenience
  • Comfortable to Hold


  • Bleeding Issues
  • Difficult to Remove Caps
  • Limited Color Variation
  • Price
  • Caps Color Mismatch


Vibrant and Rich Colors

In my opinion, one of the standout features of these markers is their vibrant and rich color output. I used them to color a pre-printed canvas, and the results were stunning. The colors popped beautifully and added a lively touch to my artwork.

Smooth Ink Flow

I was impressed by how smoothly the ink flowed. Straight out of the package, every marker worked perfectly, which is often not the case with other brands. This smooth ink flow makes them a joy to use, especially for detailed work.

Dual-Ended Convenience

The dual-ended design is a game-changer. I found myself frequently switching between the brush tip for larger areas and the fine tip for intricate details. This versatility saved me a lot of time and hassle, eliminating the need for multiple markers.

Comfortable to Hold

These markers are ergonomically designed, which means they are comfortable to hold even during long drawing sessions. As someone who spends hours drawing with my kids, this feature is a huge plus. The markers are fat enough to grip comfortably, reducing hand fatigue.


Bleeding Issues

One of the drawbacks I noticed is that these markers tend to bleed through paper, especially thinner ones. When I used them in a regular coloring book, the colors bled through to the other side, sometimes even staining the next page. This is something to keep in mind if you plan on using them for coloring books or other thin paper projects.

Difficult to Remove Caps

Another issue I encountered was the difficulty in removing the caps. They are quite tight and require a bit of effort to take off. This might not seem like a big deal, but it can be frustrating, especially for children or anyone with less hand strength.

Limited Color Variation

While the colors are vibrant, the set I bought didn’t have as many variations as I would have liked. For someone who loves to experiment with shades and tones, this was a bit limiting. I found myself needing more colors and ended up searching for additional sets.


In my opinion, these markers are on the pricier side. Although they are of excellent quality, the cost might be prohibitive for some. I had to order them online as I couldn’t find them locally, which added to the expense due to shipping costs.

Caps Color Mismatch

Interestingly, the colors shown on the box didn’t entirely match the actual markers. For example, I specifically wanted the green color shown on the packaging, but it wasn’t included in the set. This was a bit of a letdown as it felt misleading.

In-depth Analysis

When I first got my hands on the Prismacolor Premier Double Ended Brush Tip and Fine Tip Markers, I was eager to put them to the test. Having used various brands over the years, I was curious to see how these would measure up.

Color Vibrancy and Richness

These markers impressed me by their brilliant colors since the first time I used them. Every stroke that I applied brought out a rich and saturated hue, as if it would jump out of the paper. The colors are so bright, but how deep and full they appear on paper is what distinguishes them. I think that’s where Prismacolor really wins out. And why would that matter? For any artist, sometimes it’s all about color popping. Be it some really intricate illustrations you’re working on or just a simple coloring book, the vibrancy of these markers will make your work pop.

Ink Flow and Blending

Ink flow is another critical aspect, and I found that these markers performed beautifully here. The ink flowed smoothly without any hiccups, making the drawing experience seamless. I didn’t have to deal with any annoying skipping or uneven lines, which is often a problem with cheaper markers. But what does this mean for us? Consistency in ink flow ensures that every part of your artwork looks as polished as the next.

Blending colors was surprisingly easy, given how rich the colors are. Initially, I thought the saturation might make blending difficult, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. The markers blended well, allowing for smooth transitions and gradients. This is a significant advantage for anyone looking to create more intricate and nuanced artworks.

Dual-Ended Convenience

The dual-ended design was a feature I quickly came to appreciate. The brush tip is fantastic for covering larger areas and adding dynamic strokes, while the fine tip is perfect for detail work. Switching between the two was a breeze, and it felt like having two markers in one. In my experience, this versatility saved me a lot of time and kept my workflow smooth and uninterrupted.

Comfort and Usability

As someone who spends hours drawing, comfort is crucial. These markers are designed to be easy to hold, even during extended sessions. The ergonomic design means less strain on my hands, which is especially important when drawing with my kids. We often lose track of time, and these markers didn’t leave me with the usual hand fatigue.

Practical Drawbacks

Of course, no product is without its flaws. One issue I noticed was the bleeding. These markers tend to bleed through thinner paper, which can be frustrating. I had to double up on paper or use a barrier sheet to prevent this. For anyone planning to use these in a coloring book or on thin paper, this is something to be mindful of.

Another small annoyance was the caps. They are quite tight, making them a bit challenging to remove. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it does disrupt the flow, especially for kids who might struggle more with this.

Color Selection and Price

While the colors are vibrant, I felt the selection could be broader. The set I bought had the basics, but I found myself wanting more variety. As someone who loves experimenting with different shades, this was a bit limiting.

The price is another factor to consider. These markers are on the pricier side. While I believe they are worth the investment due to their quality, the cost might be a barrier for some. It’s a classic case of getting what you pay for, but it’s something to weigh before making a purchase.

Misleading Packaging

One thing that caught me off guard was the discrepancy between the colors shown on the box and the actual markers inside. I was particularly excited about a specific green that was pictured, only to find it wasn’t included. This mismatch felt misleading and was a bit of a letdown.

Notes and Rating

  • Color Vibrancy and Richness: 9/10 The colors are exceptionally vibrant and rich, making artwork stand out beautifully.
  • Ink Flow and Blending: 8/10 Smooth ink flow and good blending capabilities, though highly saturated colors can sometimes be tricky to blend.
  • Dual-Ended Design: 9/10 Convenient dual-tip design provides versatility and ease of use for various artistic needs.
  • Comfort and Ergonomics: 9/10 Comfortable to hold, even during extended use, with an ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue.
  • Bleeding and Cap Usability: 6/10 Markers tend to bleed through thinner paper, and caps are difficult to remove, impacting overall usability.
Prismacolor Premier Double Ended Brush Tip and Fine Tip Markers
Overall Score: 8.2/10

Final Thoughts

So why does all this matter? As one who just loves to draw and color with my children, finding the best markers for our sessions can make or break our art. There’s much going for the Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Brush Tip and Fine Tip Markers: vibrancy of the colors and smooth ink flow. Other than the bleeding and cap issues, these markers presented mixed feelings for me. They get the balance just right between quality and pliability. If you can overlook the small irritants and don’t mind shelling out a little more, they might really take your art projects one notch higher.


  • What are the tips like on the Prismacolor Premier markers?

    Each marker has a dual-ended design with a brush tip on one end for broad strokes and a fine tip on the other end for detailed work, providing versatility in a single marker.
  • Do the Prismacolor Premier markers blend well?

    Yes, these markers blend smoothly and create seamless gradients. The rich saturation of colors allows for effective blending, enhancing your artwork’s depth and vibrancy.
  • Are these markers suitable for professional artists?

    Absolutely, the high-quality ink and durable tips make these markers ideal for professional use. They are perfect for detailed illustrations, vibrant coloring, and intricate designs.
  • Do the markers bleed through paper?

    Yes, the markers can bleed through thinner paper. It’s recommended to use thicker, marker-specific paper or place a protective sheet underneath to prevent any bleed-through.
  • Are these markers worth the price?

    In my opinion, the high quality of the Prismacolor Premier markers justifies the cost. They offer vibrant colors, smooth blending, and a versatile dual-tip design, making them a valuable addition to any artist’s toolkit.
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