NICETY 72 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers

NICETY 72 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers – Review 2024

I’ve dabbled in painting and drawing for years, so I’ve had a fair number of experiences with different art equipment. Being a father has only broadened my horizons because I am now continuously searching for high-quality art supplies that will satisfy my child’s and my own creative demands. During my search, I came across the NICETY 72 Colors Acrylic Markers, a set that boasted of high quality and adaptability. I’m excited to present my results after evaluating these markers for a long period.

Product Overview

This extensive set of NICETY 72 Colors Acrylic Markers is ideal for both enthusiasts and artists. It is packed in a tidy box and comes in a variety of colors, including vivid tones, metallics, and glitters. Because every marker has an extra-fine tip, they are ideal for intricate work on a range of media, including stone, fabric, rock, canvas, wood, porcelain, glass, and more. I was first drawn in by the promise of such diversity, and I was not let down.

Product Specs

Colour72 Colors
Material TypePlastic
Number of Items72
Size1 count (Pack of 72)
Point TypeExtra Fine
Line Size0.7mm millimeters
Ink ColorMulticolor

My Personal Experience


  • Variety of Colors
  • Ease of Use
  • Quality of Pigment
  • Blending and Layering


  • Tip Durability
  • Color Identification
  • Inconsistencies in Quality


  • Variety of Colors: The assortment of colors is impressive. From my experience, having such a wide range at your disposal encourages creativity and experimentation. The metallic and glitter markers, in particular, were a hit at home, adding a special touch to our projects.
  • Ease of Use: These markers are incredibly user-friendly. They activate easily, and the paint flows smoothly, ensuring a consistent application. This aspect was particularly appreciated during longer painting sessions.
  • Quality of Pigment: The vibrancy and opacity of the pigments are noteworthy. Whether it was on rock or canvas, the colors stood out beautifully, making each artwork pop.
  • Blending and Layering: I found these markers to excel in blending and layering, a feature that’s not always guaranteed with acrylic markers. This allowed for more complex and nuanced artwork, which was a pleasant surprise.


  • Tip Durability: While the extra-fine tips are great for detail work, I noticed they can dry out and become clumpy after prolonged use. Although replacements are provided, it’s a slight inconvenience that interrupts the workflow.
  • Color Identification: The markers lack clear color labels, which can lead to confusion, especially among the special finishes like metallics and glitters. This was a minor setback in our crafting sessions, as we had to do a bit of guesswork.
  • Inconsistencies in Quality: A few markers seemed to have issues with leaking, particularly the pastel shades. Additionally, the hard tip, while durable, could potentially damage softer surfaces or thinner papers.
NICETY 72 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers

In-depth Analysis

I’ve taken the time to extensively review the NICETY 72 Colors Acrylic Markers’ performance in a variety of applications and to contrast them with other markers available on the market. This section seeks to give a more thorough understanding of their abilities and the ways in which they excel or fail.

Pigment Quality and Color Range

The pigment quality of these markers is definitely one of their best qualities. The colors cover well with a single layer because they are rich in opacity and bright as well. For artists who work on a variety of surfaces and need their medium to provide consistent results each time, this is especially crucial. The variety of hues, along with the unique finishes like glitter and shiny, creates endless creative opportunities. NICETY markers have a wider color pallet than other brands, which is a big plus for tasks that call for a wide range of colors.

Application and Versatility

With these marks, the application procedure is simple and straightforward. Even paint flow facilitates fine lines and delicate work. The markers’ accessibility to a broad audience is facilitated by their ease of use, which is crucial for novices and experienced artists alike. Another plus is how adaptable they are to various materials. I’ve personally tested them on a variety of materials, including fabric, glass, and rocks, and every time I’ve seen results that are just astounding. NICETY markers hold up well over a range of surfaces, unlike other markers that have trouble adhering or remaining vibrant.

Durability and Usability

Although the markers’ pigment quality and adaptability score highly, there are certain areas where they may be improved to make them more useful overall. The problem of the tips drying out or clumping can be a major nuisance, particularly when a job is in progress. Even if replacement tips are offered, changing them can be a laborious procedure that wastes paint. The creative process may also be slowed down by the markers’ unclear color designation, which necessitates extra processes to guarantee that the right color is chosen.

In contrast, a few rival firms have improved their tipping technologies or simplified their labeling procedures to meet these problems. But these brands are usually more expensive or have a smaller selection of colors, which puts NICETY markers in a good position for people who prioritize variety and affordability.

Environmental and Safety Considerations

The safety and environmental impact of art materials are becoming more and more significant factors in today’s world. Because NICETY markers don’t contain any toxins, kids can safely use them while supervised. For parents and educators looking to create a safe and creative environment, this feature is especially comforting. The company may, however, do better by supplying further details about the eco-friendliness of their manufacturing procedures and the product’s recyclability.

Notes and Rating

  • Color Variety 10/10 The set includes an impressive array of colors, from NEON and GLITTER to PASTEL and CLASSIC shades, offering artists a broad spectrum for creative expression.
  • Surface Compatibility 9/10 These markers are highly versatile, working on various surfaces including rocks, fabric, wood, and glass. However, performance may vary slightly depending on the material.
  • Precision and Control 9/10 The 0.7mm extra fine tip allows for detailed work and fine line drawing. The high rating reflects the ease with which artists can execute intricate designs.
  • Eco-Friendliness and Safety 10/10 Given their water-based, non-toxic formulation and compliance with ASTM D4236 and EN71 standards, these markers are eco-friendly and safe for users of all ages.
  • Durability of Artwork 8/10 The ink is described as fade-resistant and waterproof, suggesting that artwork will last over time. However, the longevity of the artwork may also depend on the surface and exposure conditions.
NICETY Acrylic Paint Markers – 72 Colors
Overall Score: 9.2/10

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the NICETY 72 Colors Acrylic Markers set is a valuable addition to any artist’s collection, especially for those who enjoy versatility in their work. The minor drawbacks do not overshadow the overall quality and performance of these markers. Whether it’s for professional artwork or family crafting sessions, these markers have proven to be a reliable and enjoyable tool. The joy of watching my child’s creativity unfold with these markers, without the mess of traditional paints, has been a delightful experience. For fellow artists and parents alike, I believe this set could be a wonderful resource to explore the bounds of your creativity.


  • What colors are included in the NICETY 72 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers set?

    The set features a wide spectrum of hues, including vivid tones, metallics, and glitters, designed to enhance creativity and allow for a broad range of artistic expression.
  • Are the NICETY Acrylic Paint Markers suitable for use on different surfaces?

    Yes, these markers are versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces including stone, fabric, rock, canvas, wood, porcelain, and glass, maintaining vibrant color and opacity across all media.
  • What is the tip size of NICETY Acrylic Paint Pens, and what are they best used for?

    NICETY Acrylic Paint Pens feature an extra-fine tip size of 0.7mm, ideal for detailed work and precision art on various substrates, offering artists the ability to create intricate designs and effects.
  • Are the NICETY Acrylic Paint Pens eco-friendly and safe for all ages?

    NICETY markers are water-based, non-toxic, and adhere to ASTM D4236 and EN71 standards, making them safe for use by artists of all ages, including children, within a supervised and eco-friendly creative setting.
  • What is the durability of the artwork created with NICETY Acrylic Paint Markers?

    Artworks created with NICETY Acrylic Paint Markers are characterized by their fade-resistant and waterproof qualities, ensuring longevity and durability over time, although this may also depend on the surface used and environmental exposure.
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