How to use Paint Markers? a Quick Guide

If you consider using paint markers rather than regular paint for your new painting, then you need to know how to use them. Using these tools means you can start right away with the least amount of hassle and mess.

Paint Markers usually and mostly come with paint barrel and a non-charged empty tip. So when you pick a paint marker, in most cases, you don’t remove the cap and start drawing as nothing will happen.

You can think of a Paint Marker as a can of paint, that means it has to be shooked well and patiently. 

After the paint in the paint marker is mixed thoroughly, you pump gently the tip, which is a spring  loaded tip. You don’t need to do it fast or multiple consecutive times, otherwise the paint will start flooding and you will get more than what you need.

Once you start noticing the paint covering the tip, it means the paint is starting to come out, you give it a few more pumps and the paint marker will start drawing. 

The paint marker tip, like a brush, will be full of paint and will work exactly as a brush, you can paint with it or draw with it depending on the tip type or the tip size.

When you are done with the Paint Marker, you have to make sure to put the cap back on, and you snap it well and leave it stored that way.

Some paint markers, like kids paint markers, although not as versatile as regular paint markers, they do have good characteristics, have already a charged tip, they don’t need to be shaken. You can open the cap and start drawing right away.

Most of the paint markers on the market, especially oil based, need to have the tip charged before to work with them.

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