Hethrone 100 Colors Dual Tip Brush Markers Set

Hethrone 100 Colors Dual Tip Brush Markers Set – Review 2024

Hethrone’s 100 Colors Dual Tip Brush Markers Set offers a vibrant selection for both hobbyists and professionals. As someone with years of experience using markers for a range of projects from kids’ activities to detailed artistic designs, I’ve grown quite particular about the tools I use. So, how does this set measure up to the needs of a seasoned user? Let’s dive in and see.

Product Overview

  • Dual Tips for Versatility: Each marker features a large, flexible brush tip and a fine, sharpie-style felt tip.
  • Vivid Pigmentation: The markers deliver dense and bright colors, adding a splash of life to any artwork.
  • Extensive Color Range: The set includes a diverse palette of 100 colors, although the quest for the perfect sky blue continues.
  • User-Friendly Design: The smaller caps on the fine tips and marked pen bodies make it easy to identify the tips quickly.
  • Water Blendability: These markers blend nicely when brushed with water, a handy feature for softer edges and gradient effects.
Hethrone 100 Colors Dual Tip Brush Markers Set overview

Product Specs

Product BrandHethrone
Number of Colors100
Tip TypeDual Tip – Large flexible brush and fine felt tip
Ink TypeWater-based, blendable with water
PackagingMetal tin with plastic trays
Suitable ForDrawing, coloring, detailed artwork, and crafts
Price RangeMid-range, offering good value for the quality and quantity
Included AccessoriesColor chart (on glossy paper)

My Personal Experience


  • Dual-tip functionality
  • High-quality
  • Smooth blending
  • Comprehensive color range
  • Good price point


  • Cumbersome packaging
  • Caps Color inaccuracies
  • Color chart
  • Redundant shades


In my hands, the Hethrone markers have been nothing short of a delight. The dual-tip functionality is a standout, significantly enhancing my flexibility while sketching and coloring. The brush tip isn’t too flimsy—it holds up well when I’m working on larger blocks of color or fine details. What’s more, the sheer variety of shades has made it easier for me to bring my landscapes and character sketches to life. Isn’t it wonderful when you have just the right shade without having to mix and match too much?

These markers also layer beautifully. I experienced the dark shades as particularly effective; they are deep enough for a solid fill yet translucent enough to allow for detailed layering. At such a reasonable price point, I was impressed by the quality and the performance of these markers. They’ve held up well even under the rigorous use that only a parent and frequent crafter could test them with. And for those wondering about their longevity—so far, so good!


However, no product is without its flaws. For one, the packaging, while sturdy, could use some rethinking. The markers come in three plastic trays which, while they protect the pens, are somewhat cumbersome to handle. Every time I need a specific color that’s not on the top tray, I have to remove all the trays. This can be a bit of an ordeal at a busy workspace.

I also noticed that while the caps are helpfully designed to indicate which end of the marker is which, the color representation on them isn’t always accurate. This means I occasionally have to swatch colors during my work to avoid surprises—something that could be improved upon.

And speaking of swatching, the color chart included is printed on glossy paper, which doesn’t quite represent how the colors will appear on more common papers like those in coloring books or sketch pads. This can be a little misleading, especially for those who rely on such tools for precise color work.

Moreover, I found some redundancy in the colors provided. The set could benefit from a better range of blues and fewer near-identical shades of pink and turquoise. More natural, less saturated colors would enhance its utility for those of us who also venture into more subdued or realistic artwork.

In-depth Analysis

Color Vibrancy and Precision

When it comes to markers, aren’t we all looking for tools that not only promise but also deliver on versatility and vibrancy? That’s what I had in mind when I decided to put the Hethrone 100 Colors Dual Tip Brush Markers Set through its paces. Here’s what I found out, and why I think these details might matter to you too.

In my hands-on time with these markers, I first noticed the rich intensity of the pigments. You know how sometimes you draw a line, and it sort of fades as it dries? That wasn’t the case here. The colors stay bold and lively, which is exactly what I want when I’m working on something that’s close to my heart. Why is this important? Because whether you’re sketching out your next big art project or doodling with your kids, the vibrancy of your tools should inspire, not inhibit.

Dual Tip Functionality

Handling the markers themselves, I appreciated the thought that went into the design. The dual tips are a standout feature—on one end, a brush tip that’s just firm enough to allow for a controlled flow, and on the other, a fine tip that’s perfect for those tiny details. I found myself switching between tips frequently without feeling like it was a chore. Isn’t it great when your tools adapt to your workflow rather than the other way around?

Blendability and Ease of Use

I also experimented with blending these water-based inks, which turned out to be a joy. The blendability of these markers is on par with some of the more expensive brands I’ve used. I diluted the strokes with a bit of water on my brush, and the inks spread like a dream, creating beautiful gradients that made my floral patterns pop. What does this mean for us? It means that whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned artist, these markers can elevate your art without requiring a steep learning curve or additional tools.

Packaging and Practicality

However, not everything was perfect. Let’s talk about the packaging again. While the metal tin looks sleek and protects the markers well, the plastic trays inside felt a bit cheap and were cumbersome to work with. Every time I needed a color from the bottom tray, I had to remove the top ones, which disrupted my creative flow. This might sound trivial, but in a creative session, maintaining rhythm is key—don’t you think?

Color Accuracy and Quality Control

Lastly, the issue with the color accuracy between the caps and the actual ink was a minor annoyance. It’s manageable if you’re the type to do swatches before getting down to business, which I recommend, but it’s an extra step that could have been avoided with better quality control.

Notes and Rating

  • Color Vibrancy: 9/10 The colors are exceptionally vibrant and stay true even after drying.
  • Ease of Use: 8/10 The dual-tip design is highly versatile, though the fine tip could be improved for those who prefer ultra-precision.
  • Blendability: 8/10 These markers blend smoothly with water, allowing for nice gradients and watercolor effects.
  • Packaging and Storage: 6/10 The metal tin is sturdy and looks great, but the plastic trays inside are cumbersome and not as practical.
  • Value for Money: 9/10 Given the range of colors and the quality of the ink, these markers offer great value for their price.
Hethrone 100 Colors Dual Tip Brush Markers
Overall Score: 8/10

Final Thoughts

Why does this matter for someone who’s knee-deep in markers quite often? Well, versatility and quality are paramount when you’re juggling multiple projects, from kids’ crafts to more polished pieces. The Hethrone 100 Colors Dual Tip Brush Markers set certainly brings a lot to the table with its vibrant colors and dual-tip functionality. Despite some setbacks with packaging and color accuracy, its benefits have shone through in my use—both in casual and more demanding artistic endeavors. If you’re looking for a set that combines diversity with performance, this could well be worth your consideration. Could this be the set that revolutionizes your coloring experience? It just might!


  • What types of tips do the Hethrone markers have?

    Each marker in the Hethrone 100 Colors Dual Tip Brush Markers Set features a dual-tip design. One end has a flexible, large brush tip suitable for broader strokes and filling large areas, while the other end has a fine tip for detailed work and precise lines.
  • How do the Hethrone markers handle blending and water washes?

    The Hethrone markers are water-based and blend quite smoothly when brushed with water. This feature allows for creating gradients and watercolor effects, making them versatile for various artistic styles and techniques.
  • Are there any issues with color accuracy in this marker set?

    Some users have noted that the cap colors might not accurately represent the actual ink color, which can be slightly off. It is recommended to swatch the colors on paper to see their true appearance before application in a project.
  • What is the range of colors included in the Hethrone 100 Colors Set?

    The Hethrone 100 Colors Dual Tip Brush Markers Set offers a wide variety of colors, including multiple shades of greens, blues, reds, yellows, and purples, as well as several browns, greys, and pastels, providing a comprehensive palette for all types of art and craft projects.
  • Can the Hethrone markers be used by children?

    Yes, the Hethrone markers are non-toxic and safe for children to use. They are also water-based, which makes them easier to clean up. However, supervision is recommended to ensure the markers are used properly and caps are not lost.
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