Crayola Take Note Dry Erase Markers - Chisel Tip

Crayola Take Note Dry Erase Markers – Chisel Tip – Review

When I first got my hands on Crayola’s Take Note Dry Erase Markers with a Chisel Tip, I was eager to test them out. Having used a variety of paint markers over the years for various projects and kid-related activities, I know a thing or two about what makes a good marker. Plus, with my background in education, I’m always on the lookout for tools that can enhance learning environments.

Product Overview

Here’s a rundown of what these markers offer:

  • Vibrant Colors: The range includes several eye-catching shades that stand out on any whiteboard.
  • Chisel Tip: Allows for both broad and fine lines, accommodating different writing and drawing needs.
  • Visible Ink Level: Each marker has a clear side panel that shows how much ink is left, so you’re never caught off guard by a dry marker.
  • Easy Erase: They wipe off cleanly with a standard eraser, reducing the fuss of clean-up.
  • Long-Lasting: Designed to hold more ink than the average dry erase markers.
Crayola Take Note Dry Erase Markers - Chisel Tip specs

Product Specs

Product NameCrayola Take Note Dry Erase Markers, Chisel Tip
Tip TypeChisel
Color VarietyVibrant, multi-color range
Ink LongevityLong-lasting ink formula
Odor LevelLow odor, suitable for enclosed spaces
Ink Level IndicatorVisible ink level on the side of markers
Suitable ForEducation, office, home use
Special FeaturesKid-friendly, low-odor

My Personal Experience


  • Rich, True-to-Cap Colors
  • Smooth Performance
  • Durability and Longevity
  • Low Odor


  • Inconsistency in Ink Delivery
  • Higher Price Point
  • Not Available in Bulk

The Pros

In my experience, these markers are a breath of fresh air compared to others I’ve used in the past, like the often mentioned Expo. Here’s what stood out:

  • Rich, True-to-Cap Colors: The pigments are vivid, and even the lighter colors like yellow are surprisingly visible against the stark whiteness of a board. This makes them excellent for color-coding subjects or tasks, especially in a learning environment.
  • Smooth Performance: They deliver a consistent line without the need to go over the same spot repeatedly. The chisel tip also offers versatility, whether I’m underlining key points during a study session with my kids or filling in details on a DIY decor project.
  • Durability: I’ve noticed these markers last longer than others. One of the markers has been in heavy use for over a month and is still going strong, which is more than I can say for some brands that start to fade within a couple of weeks.
  • Low Odor: A major plus, especially when using them in a confined space or if you’re sensitive to strong smells. It’s reassuring to know they won’t leave the room smelling like chemicals.

The Cons

However, no product is without its drawbacks. Here are a few I noticed:

  • Inconsistency in Ink Delivery: While most of the markers performed well, I had a couple that were a bit streaky right out of the box. The ink flow wasn’t as smooth, which can be a little frustrating when you’re in the middle of a presentation or working on a project that requires neatness.
  • Cost: They are pricier than some other options on the market. If you’re using markers every day, the cost could add up, making them a significant investment.
  • Availability in Bulk: As someone who uses markers frequently, I prefer buying in bulk, both for cost-efficiency and convenience. Unfortunately, these don’t seem to be available in larger packs.

In-depth Analysis

Vibrancy and Visibility

After spending considerable time with Crayola’s Take Note Dry Erase Markers, I’ve had quite a few realizations about what sets them apart and where they could use some improvement. From my experience, there are nuanced aspects that might not be immediately obvious from a simple pros and cons list.

Firstly, the vibrancy of these markers is nothing short of impressive. Have you ever started a presentation or a teaching session, only to find that half of your audience can’t see what you’re writing from the back of the room? With these markers, that problem is virtually nonexistent. The pigments are so vivid that even colors which typically appear faint, like yellow, pop against the whiteness of the board. It’s almost as if they glow, brightening up the whole room and consequently, the mood of any session.

Consistency and Performance

However, let’s touch on the consistency issue. While most of the markers I used delivered smooth and even lines, a couple of them were a bit streaky. Now, why is this a big deal? Well, consistency is key, especially when you’re dealing with educational environments or professional settings where clarity and neatness are paramount. It’s frustrating when you’re in the middle of explaining a complex concept and have to pause to go over your words again because the ink didn’t take the first time.

Durability and Value

On the topic of durability, these markers last surprisingly long. This is where I ask, “What does this mean for us?” For one, it means fewer interruptions to replace markers, and honestly, that’s a game-changer in any busy environment. Plus, isn’t it satisfying to use a product that actually lasts as long as it claims? It gives you a sense of reliability and value for money, which, let’s face it, is quite rare these days.

Cost Efficiency

The price point, though, is a bit steep. I found myself wondering, is it worth investing in these over more economical options? In my opinion, yes, especially if you value quality and longevity. They may not be the cheapest on the market, but the cost is justified when you consider the benefits they bring to the table—literally and figuratively.

Bulk Buying Options

Finally, the lack of bulk options is a tad inconvenient. For someone who uses markers regularly, having the option to buy in bulk not only saves money but also ensures you’re stocked up for whatever comes your way, be it classes, meetings, or impromptu sessions.

Notes and Rating

  1. Color Vibrancy: 9/10 The markers offer exceptionally bright and vivid colors that stand out on any whiteboard.
  2. Consistency of Ink: 7/10 Generally, the ink flow is smooth and even, but some markers can be streaky, which affects the overall consistency.
  3. Durability: 8/10 These markers last longer than many competitors, providing reliable performance over extended periods.
  4. Price Value: 6/10 Although higher priced, the quality and longevity might justify the cost for many users. However, the lack of bulk purchasing options could deter some.
  5. Ease of Erasing: 9/10 The markers erase easily without leaving stains or ghost marks, making cleanup simple and efficient.
Crayola Take Note Dry Erase Markers, Chisel Tip
Overall Score: 7.8/10

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend Crayola Take Note Dry Erase Markers with a Chisel Tip? Absolutely. Despite a few hiccups, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. They bring life and color to any whiteboard discussion, making information pop in a way that engages and holds attention—something that’s crucial whether in a classroom or a casual home learning setting.

I’ve found that while they might be an investment, their longevity and performance justify the initial cost. Plus, they make the daily routine a little more colorful and a lot less stressful, and isn’t that worth a bit extra? I’d say, give them a try—especially if you’re tired of the same old dry and dull markers that barely make it through a session.


  • How long do the Crayola Take Note Dry Erase Markers last with regular use?

    These markers are designed for longevity and can last significantly longer than many other brands, especially with moderate to regular use. Some users report them lasting over a month without drying out.
  • Are these markers available in bulk?

    Currently, Crayola Take Note Dry Erase Markers are not available for purchase in bulk. They are typically sold in smaller sets.
  • What makes the colors of these markers so vibrant compared to others?

    Crayola Take Note Dry Erase Markers use a special pigment-based ink formula that provides bright, vivid colors that stand out clearly on whiteboards, even from a distance.
  • Can these markers be easily erased from all surfaces?

    Yes, the markers are designed to erase easily from whiteboards and similar non-porous surfaces without leaving stains or ghost marks. However, they may not be suitable for porous surfaces where ink could be absorbed.
  • Are Crayola Take Note Dry Erase Markers safe for children to use?

    Yes, these markers are non-toxic and low-odor, making them safe for children to use under supervision. They meet all relevant safety standards for educational use.
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