Copic Sketch Markers Detailed Review 2023

Copic sketch markers are premium art markers that are used by many illustrators, designers, and artists worldwide. They are a preferred tool for both professionals and amateurs due to their vivid colours, exceptional blendability, and smooth application.

Here is a detailed review of the Copic sketch markers that covers all of their features, advantages, and drawbacks.


Over 200 different colour options are available for Copic sketch markers, giving users a lot of colour options. They are more environmentally friendly than disposable markers because they can be refilled and have replaceable nibs.

The markers utilise a unique, alcohol-based ink that dries quickly and creates vivid, durable colours. The ink’s waterproof properties make it perfect for use on a variety of materials, such as paper, fabric, and plastic.


The ability to blend Copic markers is one of their main advantages. The markers’ distinctive nib, which resembles a brush, enables artists to seamlessly blend colours to produce gradients and transitions. They are therefore perfect for producing realistic shading and highlighting as well as for giving artwork depth and dimension.

Copic markers can be used for a wide range of techniques and styles, including traditional drawing and illustration as well as manga and anime-inspired artwork.

With refillable ink and replaceable nibs, the markers are also very robust and long-lasting, which helps to reduce waste and save money over time.


The price of Copic sketch markers is one possible disadvantage. They can be less affordable for some artists and hobbyists because they are typically more expensive than other markers on the market.

The markers’ ability to blend is also a big plus, but it can be difficult for beginners because they might find it difficult to control the ink and get the results they want.

The ink may not adhere well to some surfaces and may smear or rub off, making the markers unsuitable for some, particularly non-porous or slick surfaces.


Overall, Copic sketch markers are a premium, adaptable tool that, in the hands of talented artists, can yield stunning results. They may be more expensive than some other markers, but because of their blendability, longevity, and variety of colours, they are a good investment for both professional artists and hobbyists. Before purchasing a full set, however, beginners might want to practice using a smaller set of markers or work on cheaper paper.


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