Bianyo Classic Series 72 Alcohol Markers Set – Review

Having recently delved into the Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol Markers Set, I found myself both intrigued and critical about several aspects of these artistic tools. As someone who has juggled marker illustrations between personal projects and crafting with my kids, my expectations from paint markers are notably high. I was curious to see how this set, boasting 72 dual-tipped markers at a competitive price, would hold up against our artistic endeavors.

Product Overview

  • Dual Tips: Each marker features a dual-tip design, with one end sporting a fine bullet tip and the other a broader chisel tip.
  • Variety of Colors: The set includes a spectrum of 72 colors, covering a wide palette suitable for diverse projects.
  • Packaging: Markers come neatly packed in a fabric case, enhancing portability and organization.
  • Extra Features: The kit includes color-coding labels and a color legend to help identify and organize the markers easily.
  • Price Point: Offers a more affordable alternative to premium brands without compromising extensively on quality.
Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol Markers Set Overview

Product Specs

Product TypeAlcohol-Based Markers
SeriesClassic Series
Number of Markers72
Tip TypeDual Tip (Bullet & Chisel)
Color VarietyWide range including shades of grey and vibrant colors
PackagingFabric carrying case with individual slots
Additional FeaturesColor-coding labels and color legend card included
Recommended PaperThick stock, cardstock, bristol (to minimize bleed-through)
Ideal UseSketching, drawing, coloring, design projects

My Personal Experience


  • Dual Tips
  • Rich and Varied Colors
  • Fabric Case
  • Color-Coding Labels
  • Value for Money


  • Ink Bleeds
  • Color on Cap mismatch
  • Some Markers Arrive Dry
  • Strong Odor


In my experience, the Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol Markers deliver quite impressively on several fronts. The dual tips are particularly beneficial; the fine bullet tip allows for detailed work and intricate lines, which is perfect for adding those meticulous touches to artworks. Meanwhile, the chisel tip is excellent for broader strokes and filling in larger areas quickly—a real time saver.

I also appreciated the rich color selection. The variety allowed us to experiment with different shades and gradients, essential for any artist looking to broaden their creative scope. The fabric case is another thoughtful touch, making it easy to carry the markers around and keep them organized, which is especially handy when working on the go or when my kids join in on the fun.

The inclusion of paper labels for color coding each marker is a small but significant feature. It saved us time and guesswork, especially when dealing with such a large array of colors. Plus, setting up the markers with labels turned into a fun little project with the kids.


However, not all was perfect with the Bianyo markers. One major drawback is the ink’s tendency to bleed through paper. Even with thicker stock, the bleed-through was significant, limiting the types of projects we could use them for. It’s a crucial point to consider if you’re planning to use these markers for double-sided artworks or in coloring books.

The color representation on the caps versus the actual ink color also posed some issues. Several shades appeared darker on paper than indicated by their caps. This discrepancy can be quite frustrating when precise color matching is critical for a project. It forces an artist to perform swatches before actual application, which, while a good practice, adds extra steps to the creative process.

Additionally, I encountered issues with ink consistency. A few markers were drier than expected, and there were discrepancies in flow and saturation among them. This inconsistency can be a significant setback when working on professional pieces where uniformity in color and application is paramount.

Lastly, the strong odor from the alcohol-based ink was noticeable and could be a concern for those sensitive to smells or for prolonged use sessions, especially indoors.

Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol Markers Set Features

In-depth Analysis

First Impressions and Color Vibrancy

When I first got my hands on the Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol Markers, my initial reaction was mixed with excitement and a bit of skepticism. Could these markers really stand up to the rigorous demands of both my personal artistic projects and those fun, chaotic art sessions with my kids?

Right out of the gate, the sheer variety of colors struck me. There’s something almost magical about splaying out a new set and seeing all the possibilities laid before you. But here’s the thing—how do these colors translate onto paper? In my testing, I found that while the colors are vibrant, there’s a slight mismatch between the cap and the actual ink. Why is this important, you ask? Well, for precision work where exact color matching is critical, this could lead you off course. However, for broader applications or initial sketches, this isn’t a deal-breaker.

Dual Tip Functionality and Ink Flow

The dual tips are a standout feature, offering versatility that is essential for anyone juggling multiple types of projects. The fine bullet tip allowed for detailed line work that’s crisp and clear, while the chisel tip was perfect for quick fills. However, I experienced some inconsistency with the ink flow—some markers were juicier than others, leading to a bit of frustration during longer drawing sessions. What does this mean for us? It means that while these markers are largely reliable, one might need to prepare for some variability.

Paper Compatibility and Customer Service

I also noticed that the ink tends to bleed through most papers. When you’re working in a professional sketchbook or on high-quality artist paper, this might not be much of an issue, but for everyday use, especially in adult coloring books or on standard drawing paper, this can ruin the reverse side of your work. Is this a deal-breaker? It depends on your intended use and paper choice.

Customer service was another facet I explored, particularly after receiving a couple of dry markers. I reached out, and the response was quick—a complete turnaround with replacements sent promptly. It’s comforting to know that if issues arise, they’re addressed swiftly and without hassle.

Notes and Rating

  1. Color Variety and Vibrancy: 8/10 The markers offer a broad spectrum of colors that are generally vibrant and appealing, though some mismatches with cap colors affect the score.
  2. Dual Tip Functionality: 7/10 The dual tips provide versatility for different types of artwork, although there is some inconsistency in ink flow across the markers.
  3. Ease of Use: 7/10 Generally user-friendly, especially for beginners or casual artists, but the learning curve in handling ink flow and the issue with bleeding might be challenging.
  4. Build and Packaging: 9/10 Well-designed with a sturdy, portable case that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The addition of color-coding labels is a thoughtful touch.
  5. Value for Money: 8/10 Offers good value considering the number of markers and the quality relative to the price, making it a viable option for those on a budget.
Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol Markers
Overall Score: 7.8/10

Final Thoughts

In summing up this review, the Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol Markers would have to be a mixed bag. There’s great value here, and a few features that artists at any level might find appealing. But, ink bleed and color inconsistencies are rather major downsides, so these are definitely far from being the best choice for professional use. It’s a great set as a starter pack for anyone venturing into the world of alcohol-based markers in general or for a hobbyist and beginner artist, but you would feel stifled by these limitations as you begin to need your work to be precise and your tools reliable. Do you not think that it will always pay off to consider what you really want to get from your art tools?


  • What are the tips included in the Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol Markers?

    The Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol Markers feature dual tips: a fine bullet tip for detailed work and a broader chisel tip for filling larger areas, providing versatility for different artistic needs.
  • Can these markers be used on different types of paper?

    Yes, Bianyo markers can be used on various types of paper, including thick stock and bristol. However, they tend to bleed through lighter or thinner papers, so testing on a scrap piece before application on the final project is recommended.
  • What should I do if a marker dries out or is inconsistent?

    Bianyo’s customer service is responsive and helpful in such cases. If you encounter a dried out or inconsistent marker, contact their support for a replacement or troubleshooting tips.
  • Are the Bianyo markers suitable for professional use?

    While the Bianyo markers offer a good quality-to-price ratio and are excellent for students and hobbyists, professionals might find them lacking in terms of color accuracy and ink consistency compared to premium brands.
  • What makes the Bianyo markers a good choice for beginners?

    The affordability and comprehensive range of colors make the Bianyo Classic Series Alcohol Markers an excellent choice for beginners. The dual tips and included color-coding system also help new artists learn the basics of coloring and marker handling without a hefty investment.
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