ARTISTRO 24 Watercolor Markers - coloring markers

ARTISTRO 24 Watercolor Markers – Coloring Markers – Review 2024

I have had a lot of experiences with different art supplies because I am an ardent artist and a mom who frequently colors and draws with my two children. One set that has caught my eye lately is the ARTISTRO 24 Watercolor Markers, which also comes in a 48 coloring markers set. With a flexible brush tip, these markers are ideal for both novice and experienced artists who want to experiment with the vibrant world of watercolor effects in their artwork.

Product Overview

  • 24 Vibrant Colors: The set offers a spectrum of colors that are rich and vibrant, making them suitable for a wide range of artistic expressions.
  • Flexible Brush Tip: Each marker features a flexible tip that mimics a real brush, allowing for subtle gradations and bold strokes alike.
  • Water-Based Ink: The markers use a water-based formula, which is ideal for blending and layering colors without the mess associated with traditional watercolors.
  • Non-Toxic: Safety is key, especially when working with children, and these markers are non-toxic, making them a safe choice for family art projects.
  • Portable and Convenient: Designed for ease of use, these markers are portable and come with a clear water brush for easy blending on the go.
ARTISTRO 24 Watercolor Markers - coloring markers specs

Product Specs

Product NameARTISTRO 24 Watercolor Markers
Colors Included24 vibrant colors
Tip TypeFlexible brush tip
Ink TypeWater-based
Suitable UsesColoring, Calligraphy, Drawing

My Personal Experience


  • Ease of Use
  • Brilliant Color Output
  • Blendability
  • Convenience


  • Paper Dependency
  • Limited Color Range in Earth Tones
  • Cap Design


  • Ease of Use: In my opinion, the brush tips are exceptionally user-friendly, offering control and precision that is often lacking in similar products. This makes them an excellent choice for both detailed work and broader washes.
  • Brilliant Color Output: The colors are impressively vibrant and translate beautifully on various types of paper. They maintain their intensity even when diluted with water, which is great for achieving watercolor effects.
  • Blendability: I found these markers blend seamlessly, mimicking traditional watercolor paints. This feature is particularly beneficial when working on gradients and color transitions.
  • Convenience: Their portability and ease of setup make them perfect for quick sketching sessions outdoors or when traveling.


  • Paper Dependency: While they work wonderfully on high-quality watercolor paper, their performance can be less than satisfactory on lower-grade papers. It’s important to pair them with the right kind of paper to ensure the best results.
  • Color Range: Although the set includes a broad palette, I noticed a limitation in shades of some colors, particularly the earth tones, which could be a drawback for artists who specialize in natural landscapes or portraitures.
  • Cap Design: A minor gripe, but the caps on these markers do not post on the end while in use, which can be slightly inconvenient during lengthy drawing sessions.

In-depth Analysis

Examining the features and functionality of the ARTISTRO 24 Watercolor Markers in greater detail, my broad use reveals a number of critical elements that are essential for novice and professional painters alike. In order to improve comprehension of these indicators’ overall significance in a range of artistic applications, this analysis attempts to dissect the technical and practical aspects of these markers.

Technical Performance

  • Ink Flow and Consistency: The ink flows consistently from the markers, which is essential for keeping strokes and washes similar. Because the ink dispenses uniformly, there is less likelihood of blotting or uneven color distribution, which are frequently problems with markers of lower grade.
  • Tip Durability: The whole user experience is greatly enhanced by the brush tip’s flexibility. It is resilient to varying pressures and angles, enabling a range of stroke widths, from broad fills to minute details. Because of their resilience, the markers can be used frequently and still function for extended periods of time.

Versatility in Applications

  • Compatibility with Techniques: These markers are excellent for many watercolor techniques, including layering, dry brushing, and wet-on-wet. Their ability to blend and transition between colors makes it easier to achieve intricate watercolor effects, which are typically difficult to do with conventional brushes.
  • Range of Artistic Styles: The markers work well with a variety of artistic mediums, from fast sketches to detailed illustrations and mixed media. Because of their versatility, artists who experiment with various creative methods find them very interesting.

User Experience

  • Learning Curve: These markers simplify the sometimes intimidating components of watercolor painting, making them a great first step for novices. Novice users can experiment without worrying about making permanent mistakes because the water-based ink is easy to handle and forgiving of mistakes.
  • Satisfaction in Art Creation: Because of the quick and colorful results these markers give, there is a certain happiness and fulfillment involved in utilizing them. This is a critical component for keeping artists motivated and engaged, particularly novices and younger artists.

Economic and Ecological Considerations

  • Cost-Effectiveness: When you compare these markers’ longevity and output quality to traditional watercolor sets—which frequently need for other purchases like brushes and palettes—they are a more affordable option.
  • Eco-Friendly Aspects: Compared to alcohol-based alternatives, the markers have less of an adverse environmental effect because they are water-based. For customers and artists who care about the environment, this is a crucial factor.

Notes and Rating

  • Color Vibrancy: 9/10 The markers deliver exceptionally vibrant colors, making artwork pop with brilliant hues.
  • Blendability: 8/10 The ease with which these markers blend is notable, allowing for smooth transitions and gradients, though some limitations exist depending on the paper quality.
  • Ease of Use: 9/10 With their flexible brush tips and intuitive design, these markers are highly accessible to users of all skill levels, promoting a hassle-free artistic experience.
  • Tip Durability: 8/10 The tips maintain their shape and functionality well, even after extensive use, though care is required to keep them in optimal condition.
  • Value for Money: 7/10 While slightly pricier than some competitors, the quality and performance of these markers offer good value, especially considering their range of applications.
  • Overall Satisfaction: 8.5/10 Overall, these markers score high on satisfaction due to their performance, quality, and the joy they bring to various art projects.
ARTISTRO 24 Watercolor Markers
Overall Score: 8.5/10

Final Thoughts

For those who want to experiment or continue painting with watercolors in a more regulated and mess-free way, the ARTISTRO 24 Watercolor Markers are a good overall option. These coloring markers provide the simplicity of use and vivid effects that can make any art project enjoyable, regardless of your level of experience.


  • Are the ARTISTRO 24 Watercolor Markers suitable for children?

    Yes, these markers are non-toxic and safe for children. The water-based ink and easy-to-use brush tips make them ideal for young artists to explore watercolor painting without the mess typically associated with traditional watercolor paints.
  • Can these markers be used on different types of paper?

    The ARTISTRO 24 Watercolor Markers perform best on high-quality watercolor paper designed to handle wet media. They can also be used on mixed media paper, but performance may vary with thinner or lower quality papers, which might absorb ink differently and affect the blending capabilities.
  • Do the markers come with a blending brush or do I need to purchase one separately?

    A clear water brush is included in the set, which can be used for blending the colors seamlessly. This brush helps in creating watercolor effects and gradients, adding to the versatility of the markers.
  • How should I store the markers to ensure they last longer?

    The markers should be stored horizontally to ensure the ink distribution remains even throughout the pen. Avoid storing them vertically as this can cause the ink to settle towards one end, potentially affecting performance.
  • Are the colors of the ARTISTRO markers refillable?

    Currently, the ARTISTRO 24 Watercolor Markers do not offer refillable options. Each marker needs to be replaced once the ink runs out. However, their durable design ensures that each marker provides a lasting supply of ink for numerous projects.

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