ABEIER Alcohol Markers Review 2024

As a seasoned marker enthusiast, I’ve had the chance to try out a variety of goods. I have started going through the ABEIER Alcohol Markers Dual Tip Set in great detail. Both novice and experienced artists have expressed interest in this set, which has attracted notice in the art world. I’ll go into great detail about every facet of these markers in my comprehensive review, from their vivid color spectrum to their useful design and functionality.

Product Overview

Before delving into my personal experience, let’s outline the key features of the ABEIER Alcohol Based Markers:

  • Extensive Color Range: The set offers a generous selection of colors, essential for artists who seek a diverse palette.
  • Dual-Tip Design: Each marker is equipped with a fine tip for detailed work and a broad tip for covering larger areas efficiently.
  • Colorless Blender Included: A thoughtful addition, the colorless blender is crucial for achieving seamless transitions and subtle shading.
  • Convenient Storage Pouch: The markers come in a handy zipper pouch, simplifying storage and transportation.
  • Affordable Pricing: Aimed at providing value for money, these markers are priced accessibly, making them an attractive option for various users.

Product Specs

Product TypeAlcohol Based Markers
Ink ColorMulti Colors
Number of Items81 (80 colors + 1 blender)
Point TypeFine, Chisel
Recommended UsesColoring, Illustration, Sketching
FeaturesDual Tips, Quick-drying, Low odor, Toxic-free
PackagingBlack Carrying Case
Warranty100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My Personal Experience


  • Impressive Color Diversity
  • Versatile Dual Tips
  • Vibrant and Rich Color Saturation
  • Thoughtful Inclusion of a Colorless Blender
  • Affordability and Value for Money


  • Ink Bleeding on Standard Paper
  • Inconsistent Labeling
  • Prone to Drying
  • Limited Blending Capabilities


During my time with the ABEIER markers, several aspects stood out:

  • Impressive Color Diversity: The most remarkable thing about this set is the variety of colors it comes in. A high degree of inventiveness and diversity in artwork is made possible by the large selection. The palette variety appeals to everyone, be it an illustrator, a hobbyist, or someone who likes to create intricate artwork.
  • Versatile Dual Tips: Especially useful is the dual-tip design. The broad tip works well for covering big areas with color, while the fine tip allows for fine detail in complex designs. This adaptability is particularly helpful for mixed-media artwork, where coverage and accuracy are equally valued.
  • Vibrant and Rich Color Saturation: In addition to being varied, the colors are intensely saturated and lively, giving any piece of art vitality. These markers’ pigments have an intensity that is on par with more expensive brands, giving artwork a polished appearance.
  • Thoughtful Inclusion of a Colorless Blender: One major benefit is the colorless blender. It helps in the creation of gradients and seamless transitions, which are necessary for depth and realism in art. It’s quite useful for landscapes and portraits, when a little shading may go a long way.
  • Affordability and Value for Money: Because they are moderately priced, the markers are ideal for beginning artists or those who are not yet ready to make a large investment in art tools. They are reasonably priced without sacrificing quality, making them an excellent deal.


However, there are some areas where the ABEIER markers fell short of my expectations:

  • Ink Bleeding on Standard Paper: One significant disadvantage is that the ink bleeds through ordinary paper. Some users may find this inconvenient, particularly those who like to work on conventional sketchbooks or paper types, as it requires the use of thicker paper or a rest sheet.
  • Inconsistent Labeling: When sorting or looking for specific hues, it can be complicated and time-consuming because the markers are not numbered in a logical way. The user experience would be greatly improved by clearer labeling.
  • Prone to Drying: Compared to some of the other kinds I’ve used, I’ve noticed that these markers tend to dry up more quickly. For professional artists who depend on the lifespan and durability of their tools, this can be a significant disadvantage.
  • Limited Blending Capabilities: The colorless blender that comes with the markers is a nice touch, but the markers themselves don’t merge as well as they could. Higher-end markers mix more seamlessly than these, therefore advanced artistic work may be hampered.

In-Depth Analysis

Color Performance and Artistic Flexibility

The color selection of the ABEIER markers is impressive, ranging from delicate pastels to rich, deep tones. For artists who like experimenting with various color schemes and styles, this variety is a blessing. Each marker has an amazing saturation level, and its vibrant colors give artworks a dynamic feel. I discovered that bright pictures, comics, and anime-style art—where strong and vivid colors are essential—are especially well-suited for these markers.

Design and Usability

Even during extended creative sessions, the markers’ ergonomic design guarantees comfort. The dual-tip feature works perfectly, giving steady ink flow from both tips. The absence of a brush tip, however, can be a drawback for painters who value the delicate, artistic strokes that brush tips provide.

Durability and Longevity

The markers perform well in terms of color quality and adaptability, however there are concerns about their durability. They dry out more quickly than some of their rivals, which could eventually result in more expensive replacements more frequently. Potential customers should think about this, particularly if they want to use these markers frequently.

Suitability for Different Skill Levels

These markers are an excellent option for novices, enthusiasts, or learners. For people who are investigating alcohol-based markers for the first time, they are an accessible tool due to their affordability and ease of use. However, the limited durability and mixing skills may be limiting factors for professional artists or those working on high-end art projects.

Notes and Rating

Quality (8/10): The markers are of good quality, with durable tips and consistent ink flow. The inclusion of a colorless blender indicates versatility in blending colors for professional illustration results.

Value for Money (8/10): I am satisfied with the cost relative to the quality and quantity of markers received. The set provides good value, especially for artists looking for an affordable alternative to more expensive brands.

Ease of Use (9/10): The dual-tip design (fine and chisel) offers flexibility in drawing lines of varying thicknesses and filling larger areas, making these markers user-friendly for both beginners and experienced artists.

Color Variety and Blendability (9/10): The set includes a wide range of colors that blend well, allowing for creative freedom in illustrations and designs.

Packaging and Accessibility (7/10): The packaging is functional and aids in organizing and selecting markers. However, there might be room for improvement in terms of durability or design.

ABEIER Alcohol Markers
Overall Score: 8.5/10

Final Thoughts

The market is distinguished by the ABEIER Alcohol Markers’ vivid saturation, range of colors, and dual-tip capability. They are a great option for artists looking for a reasonably priced, high-quality pack of markers. However, specialists in particular should take into account their weaknesses with regard to ink bleeding, labeling, drying, and mixing. They work incredibly well, in my opinion, as a secondary set or for people who are just starting out in the arts. They can be a helpful supplement to a more extensive, professional-caliber set of art supplies for more seasoned painters.


  • What is included in the ABEIER Alcohol Markers Dual Tip set?

    The set includes 81 alcohol-based markers, offering a wide range of vibrant colors, along with a colorless blender for creating seamless transitions and subtle shading.
  • What makes the ABEIER markers suitable for professional use?

    ABEIER markers feature an extensive color range, dual-tip design for versatility, and vibrant ink saturation, making them suitable for professional art projects and illustrations.
  • Can the ABEIER markers be used for blending colors?

    Yes, the ABEIER markers can be used for blending colors, especially with the inclusion of a colorless blender, though blending capabilities may vary based on ink and paper used.
  • Are the markers in the ABEIER Alcohol Markers Dual Tip set refillable?

    The review does not specify refillability, and typically, most alcohol markers in this price range are not refillable. It’s recommended to check directly with ABEIER for their specific product features.
  • Is the ABEIER Alcohol Markers Dual Tip set suitable for beginners?

    Yes, the ABEIER Alcohol Markers are suitable for beginners due to their ease of use, affordability, and the inclusion of a wide range of colors to experiment with.
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